Ripped Into The Headline

Hey blog world! The daily post gave me the idea to write a blog post as if it were the top story in our local newspaper! Something that had happened last week. I decided to give it a go! Here it goes!

Teen Girls Make The Most Grossest Smoothie Ever

Last Tuesday night, the older group of Girl Guides called the Rangers had their usual meeting every Tuesday night.

That night they were making smoothies at two of the Ranger’s house (both sisters).

Everybody was to get in groups and make their own and they’d taste and compare after they were all done! Everyone had to put the ingredients of the nutrient they were assigned (i.e. fibre, lactose free, protein, etc.)

There was this one group who had to use ingredients of protein. The teens in that group was 16 year old Emma, 16 year old Laura, and 15 year old Casey.

“As stupid as this sounds, we don’t know what fruits have protein in them. One of the ingredients turned out to be peanut butter.” says Emma.

After they blended their yogurt, milk, peanut butter, etc., Laura knew it was going to be bad.

Casey blended the stuff as if there was nothing wrong.

Everyone got their cups, and tried each group’s smoothie.

When it finally came to the protein smoothie, people found the smoothie to be really weird.

“It tasted like a peanut butter sandwich.” says Beth, one of the ranger leaders.

From what everybody had experienced, it was definatley the most weirdest and grossest smoothie ever!

Write your own personal experience that happened last week and write a news article about it! Have fun!

– Emma


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