Ripped Into The Headline

Hey blog world! The daily post gave me the idea to write a blog post as if it were the top story in our local newspaper! Something that had happened last week. I decided to give it a go! Here it goes!

Teen Girls Make The Most Grossest Smoothie Ever

Last Tuesday night, the older group of Girl Guides called the Rangers had their usual meeting every Tuesday night.

That night they were making smoothies at two of the Ranger’s house (both sisters).

Everybody was to get in groups and make their own and they’d taste and compare after they were all done! Everyone had to put the ingredients of the nutrient they were assigned (i.e. fibre, lactose free, protein, etc.)

There was this one group who had to use ingredients of protein. The teens in that group was 16 year old Emma, 16 year old Laura, and 15 year old Casey.

“As stupid as this sounds, we don’t know what fruits have protein in them. One of the ingredients turned out to be peanut butter.” says Emma.

After they blended their yogurt, milk, peanut butter, etc., Laura knew it was going to be bad.

Casey blended the stuff as if there was nothing wrong.

Everyone got their cups, and tried each group’s smoothie.

When it finally came to the protein smoothie, people found the smoothie to be really weird.

“It tasted like a peanut butter sandwich.” says Beth, one of the ranger leaders.

From what everybody had experienced, it was definatley the most weirdest and grossest smoothie ever!

Write your own personal experience that happened last week and write a news article about it! Have fun!

– Emma



This is a post my friend made about her experiences with living with Autism. This is worth the read! Reading this will put you in the shoes of an Aspie.

Aspie Diaries

Hey blog world! At the age of 8 I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, a mild form of Autism. It’s the best thing that’s ever happend to me! It’s what makes me the special person that I am! At my music lesson today with Peter Halley we were talking about Aspergers. I was telling him what it was and some of the characteristics of it. That gave me the idea to make a blog post about it! With some help from Sheldon and Raj from “The Big Bang Theory” here is a look at Aspergers Syndrome.

We don’t get sarcasm: Understanding sarcasm, jokes and idioms doesn’t come easily to us. Like Sheldon we need sarcasm signs to tell when someone is being sarcastic! Also we take things literally. Once my Dad told me to hit the enter key on the coumpter and I made a fist and slammed it down…

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Day at the mall

Hey blog world! I had a great day at the mall with my two BFFs Laura and Leah! We were there the whole day!

First off, we got our tickets to see Annie for 2:10 only to find out it was sold out as soon as we got in the line! Shucks! But that’s ok, we got tickets and waited for the one that played at 4:50! 🙂

To pass the time, me, Laura, and Leah headed to the food court at Dairy Queen and ate there. Then they made me throw their garbage away for them.

After that we were headed to the X Store until Leah spotted a few people she knew. And by a few, I mean A LOT. She spotted more and more people she knew the entire day! It was a coincidence for her! While me and Laura waited there was this kid playing in one of the rides that children play on and was making funny faces at us! LOL! A terrified lady was running around everyone, and I thought she said “Have you seen a child with a blue shirt?!” and I was right! I looked at the kid and he was wearing a blue shirt! Some other people ran after the mother and brought her back to the ride. She didn’t see him when she went past us! The mother was in tears and said “Thank you!” and it looked like that kid was in trouble! That kid was so lucky. Not everyone turns out to be lucky. Stranger danger!

Laura called out to me and told me to go into the X Store with her. She pointed out Olaf from Frozen in there and I picked it up right away! Olaf is my favorite character from Frozen and I just HAD to get him! Olaf is now watching me as I’m typing this! LOL!

We then went downstairs (don’t worry, we didn’t run off and forget Leah was there!) and Leah and Laura got a few DVDs in HMV. After that I went into Ardene and got myself lipgloss and a pair of socks. I was going to get a flamingo phone case but that was way to expensive and we were all broke on cash since we spent most of it!

Laura looked around in Cole’s bookstore and then me and Leah waited outside and chatted for a bit since we were already getting tired!

Time flew and next thing you knew we went into the lineup to see Annie! That movie was amazing by the way! 9.5/10! It was funny too! 😀

After the movie we waited for Leah’s parents to come and my parents brought Laura back to her house.

That was a long but fun day and I hope to do something like that again sometime with them!

School is back again on Monday, but that was a great end to the Christmas break! 🙂

– Emma