Summer Memories 2014

Hey blog world! Summer is officially over, and school starts today! I’m going to tell you about my favorite memories of the summer!

* Going to Thomas Amusements with my BFFs Laura and Leah. It was so much fun!

* Going up to the cabin with my family!

* Going swimming with my dad!

* Going to Halifax with mom. Not as nice as where we live though šŸ˜›

* Camp counseling for two weeks! I had a fun time doing that stuff (my second year) and I’m going to apply again for one more year next summer!

* My second cousin Hunter being baptized. His dad’s (my cousin’s husband) side of the family is Anglican, so he is one too.

* Girl Guides District Camp 2014! I had so much fun there! Singing around campfires, scavenger hunts, etc., it was all fun!

* G.A.L. Program. It’s a summer program run by our city. Everyone had a fun time, we got to know each other, did things, such as bowling, yoga, and we couldn’t go doing stuff at Sunshine park since it was raining and we were stuck in the bunk bed room while another camp was watching the Hunger Games series. I might try it again next year too!

* Running club? Reason for the question mark was because everyone was nice and all, but the running was quite difficult. I don’t know if I’m gonna go back next year.

It only felt like yesterday I was writing the blog post on my plans for this summer! Time flies when you’re having a good time! I can’t believe I’m in grade 11! Good luck to everyone in the 2014-2015 school year! Stay in school!

– Emma

What did you do this summer? Tell me in the comments!


One thought on “Summer Memories 2014

  1. This was the best summer of my life! It was incredible working at Spirit of Newfoundland! I’m actually crying right now because I miss it so much. Ever since I left yesterday I’ve had this kind of sinking feeling. It feels like a piece of my heart is gone that I can’t regain until I work there again. I hope to during the Christmas season.

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