Greatest Concert Never

Hey blog world! My friend Leah posted on her blog about her dream concert lineup ( which has been titled “Greatest Concert Never” and I thought I would do the same!


6 PM: Ariana Grande

7 PM: Iggy Azalea

8 PM: Marianas Trench

9 PM: Hedley

10 PM: Coldplay

11 PM: Macklemore


6 PM: Nicki Minaj

7 PM: Ke$ha

8 PM: Weird Al Yankovic

9 PM: MAGIC! (the band)

10 PM: Robin Thicke

11 PM: Imagine Dragons


6 PM: Gwen Stefani

7 PM: Katy Perry

8 PM: Maroon 5

9 PM: Pitbull

10 PM: Classified

What’s your Greatest Concert Never lineup? Tell me in the comments, or blog about it if you have a blog!

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