District Camp 2014

Hey blog world! This weekend I was at a district camp for Girl Guides! There were sparks, brownies, guides, pathfinders, and us rangers! There were about 40-60 people in total. I’m going to mention on what happened!

First when I arrived there, I got my name tag and headed for the field and we put up our tents. There was about three to four to a tent. Everyone but the sparks and brownies camped outside (they slept inside).

Later on that night, we had a campfire and sung songs! We had smores and wieners. One kid (a brownie) told the story of the Click Clack Man. Not everybody heard the story but I happened to be near them. I heard about it before! It’s not real so go ahead and read.

Here’s the story

There was once a man who had no legs. He used his long finger nails to get around. If he was nearby, you would hear a “Click, clack…” sound. He murdered people who stayed out too late and those unlucky would have a horrible encounter with the Click Clack Man.

Once there was a girl who wanted to go to play at her friends’ house. Her mom said to come back by 6:00. That was the time the Click Clack Man would come out and look for victims.

The girl and her friend were having so much fun, they lost track of time. The girl looked and it was 6:15. She left her friend’s house and walked home.

As the girl was walking, she heard a click clack noise. She fastened her pace. The sound became closer and closer she made a run for it. The sound was gone for a bit. When she got home, she knocked on the door for her mother to open the door. No answer. The sound came back and got closer and closer.

“Mom! Open the door!”

When her mom woke up, she went to her front door and got the fright of her life.

Her daughter was laying in a pool of blood, and beside it was a note that read “You should have opened the door.”

That story was freaky! Especially since it was dark outside!

Another kid mentioned the Slenderman. I’ve heard about that before too. He is a tall man with no face, with tentacles, lives in the forest, and kidnaps children. I don’t think that’s real…I don’t think…

I told them another story. The ghost with bloody fingers. It’s worth a read. Go ahead!

There was a man playing his guitar one night. He lived alone. The man didn’t know the house was haunted.

A voice called “Bloody fingers, bloody fingers…”

He didn’t hear the voice.

“Bloody fingers! Bloody fingers!”

Still strumming away…


The man heard the voice and screamed…

“If your fingers are bleeding, then get yourself some bandages!”

It was soon time for bed. The rangers could stay up for as long as they wanted to. I didn’t. I wanted a proper sleep and the latest I can stay up is 11:00. I don’t stay up late much.

The next morning I got woken up by a crow.

Sooner or later, we had to do a gate run. We had to run to the gate to see what the scoop was for the day, then get our breakfast.

For breakfast the first morning, was pancakes and bologna.

Then we got into two groups.

First we made tye-dye shirts! Mine wasn’t much but it had a pink and purple rose, and a heart in the middle!

Then, we went geocaching and had to follow directions given by a GPS and they lead us to Rocket candies and glow sticks!

Later on in the afternoon was a scavenger hunt in the woods (in my group we found most of the items on the list)! Followed by another craft where we made bags! I chose the colours of green and pink! Then we went back to the field to play a compass game. One of the leaders read out a story with the directions names’ and had to spin around if our direction was called out. Then we all had to move if “world” was mentioned.

A few of the brownies decided to play “What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?” afterwards. In that game there is a wolf whose back is turned to the ones who are not wolves at a far distance and the non wolves ask the wold what time it is, and whatever time the wolf says, they take that many steps. If the wolf calls out “Lunch time!” they have to run back home in order to not get caught, or else, they are wolves too. I played a few rounds and got to be the wolf once. Then I just decided to watch the rest.

For supper we cooked chicken and made a pizza! They tasted delicious!

The bonfire was earlier than the night before. It was at 8. We sung a few campfire songs and all.

Before I went to bed I helped clean the dishes.

Last night was probably the worst night of getting to sleep.

Some people were playing music a few houses nearby for a long time.

Second, a girl in my tent was snoring like crazy! It was super loud! Holy cow!

This morning I got woken up a squirrel! LOL!

We had egg McMuffins. We made our own.

Before we left, we grabbed our stuff and all that, I left a bit earlier than everyone else.

It was a fun weekend! Yes, I would go back next year! 🙂

– Emma


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