Adventure Camp – Day 5

Hey blog world! Today was the last day of adventure camp. Here’s what happened!

First thing happened was magic spot.

After that the kids got their masks ready to present to one of the interpreters. Their masks were some type of creature in the wildlife they had to choose from and how humans were affecting them.

Then we played the Salmon game! We played it on Monday. This time I was swinging the rope the first time with Salmo, Oak was the bear, and Dragonfly was the fisherman in the boat! We then played another round. This time the junior counselors got to play and switch with some other kids! Oak and Dragonfly got caught by the bear. I ALMOST made it…but missed the line I had to jump over afterwards 😛

After lunch, it was time to go swimming. Except, I didn’t go. I wasn’t feeling well enough to go swimming (I was well enough to show up though!), so I had about three hours to myself! I didn’t do much, I just cleaned up a little, played on my phone, and looked around in the nature centre.

When they all came back, everyone signed each others cards and such. Dragonfly didn’t come back since she was going to be working at the swimming place, so me and Oak signed their cards.

I had a great two weeks camp counseling and I’m going to apply again for one more summer next year! It was awesome! 🙂

– Garden Gnome


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