Adventure Camp – Day 4

Hey blog world! Today is the second last day of adventure camp! Here’s what happened today!

Oak was the only one missing. There was just me (Garden Gnome), Dragonfly, and Salmo as the counselors there today.

First thing happened in the morning, the kids started painting their masks! Theirs all looked pretty good!

Then, magic spot happened. As usual, nothing much had happened 😛

After that, three people came in and gave a presentation about greenhouse gases and whatnot.

After lunch, we went to a nearby playground and the kids played on the play equipment for a bit.

A few minutes before we left, a camp for people with challenging needs came over to the playground. They were later going to visit the nature centre afterwards.

“Why are adults playing around on the equipment?” one kid wondered.

“They are not well.” I said.

“Are they disabled?”

I of course, said yes.

He kept repeating what one of them said “I am coming!”. Which sounded like they were making fun.

“That is nothing to make fun of.” I explained, twice, and I think they got it.

Later on afterwards, another presentation came in from Red Cross about life jacket safety.

Soon afterwards, we went on a hike around the “Long Pond” for sightseeing with binoculars.

And of course, with time flying, it was time to go home!

We’re going swimming tomorrow!

– Garden Gnome


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