Adventure Camp – Day 3

Hey blog world! Here’s the scoop on what happened today at the adventure camp!

As I mentioned yesterday, we went on a hike today. We hiked at a garden centre, a leader took us around and while we were hiking on the trail we bumped into some clues about certain animals and guessed what they were! Later everyone got to feed the ducks at a pond. Yes, a few of us counselors took some duck feed too 😛

Later on in the afternoon when we got back, the kids worked back at their masks for which they are going to present on Friday.

Magic spot was next.

Then the kids played a relay race in the field where they were given specific objects and Salmo read out “Wetlands are important because…” and what he said after that, if they had an object similar to what Salmo read out, they had to race against one another and run to bring those objects in the bucket and run back again.

After snack, was a scavenger hunt. Kids got into groups of two and had to find objects around a certain pathway that were not a part of nature. According to Salmo, some kid from this nature camp some while ago wrote down “Telephone Pole”! LOL! And that it wasn’t an answer! LOL!

Soon enough, time ticked by and it was eventually time to go home.

– Garden Gnome


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