Adventure Camp – Day 2

Hey blog world! Today was the second day of adventure camp! Here’s the scoop on what happened!

When 9:00 started, we went outside on the field and the kids practiced shooting their fishing rods. Then when they were done after a while, they got to cast their fishing rods in the water (no, nobody caught any fish).

The whale people came back. They were there last week. They gave a presentation on whales, showed the bones around, and the kids got to put a whale skeleton together!

Then, the kids made masks out of Vaseline and plaster. Dragonfly helped them the most since she had more experience about it than I, Oak, and Salmo did. They ended up getting their faces greasy. I know that feeling. I had to make one too at a training session.

A funny thing that happened is that one of the kids were a bit tardy finishing their masks and a few kids from another camp looked in and was staring at him and he was like “What are you looking at?!” Not smart as a but I couldn’t help but to laugh! Then another kid (from our camp) said “Go away ya filthy animals!” and slammed the door in their faces and then of course, I thought, “Ok that’s a bit rude!”. Kids from other camps while your camp counseling can be a bit weird though. Some random kid from another camp came up to me and went “Bleeeehhhh!!!” then I thought “Well then…”

After lunch, a lady came in and gave a presentation on recycling, environment, etc. And we (us camp counselors involved except for Salmo) played a few games. The first game was we had to run to one of four stations; Mining, Oil and Gas, Farming, and Forestry. One person read out where each thing belongs to each category, and if people were in that section, they were out. We played two rounds.

After that was the “Who am I?” game. We had to tape a picture of something on our heads, and had to ask a yes or no question. Mine was hard! Mine was a human.

When that was done, we went to do magic spot. As most days, nothing much happened.

Then we did a bug sweep afterwards. The kids later got into groups afterwards and identified what type of bugs they found in the water.

Before we left, we all watched feeding time. When one of the interpreters feeds the fish and all and anyone could watch.

Yes, a few kids figured out our names. I might as well tell you. I (Garden Gnome), a few figured out my name as Emma; one of them even said I looked like an Emma! Dragonfly is Pearl, Oak is Richard, and Salmo is Bob.

You know what they say, time flies when you’re having a good time!

Tomorrow we’re going on a hike!

– Garden Gnome


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