Adventure Camp – Day 1

Hey blog world! I’m back to camp counseling for one week more!

The adventure camp is ages 8-11. There’s 9 kids! 3 girls and 6 boys.

Oak is back, so is two other kids from last week, and three others from my group last year!

There is a new lead counselor this week, Salmo, and another junior counselor, Dragonfly!

First thing that happened in the morning, everyone got to know each other and the kids made their sit-up-ons out of duct tape, newspapers, etc.

Then we did the magic spot. Or as Salmo calls it “Quiet Time”.

Then we went upstairs to do a game where they are given a species or type of plant, but they can’t see the picture and they have to ask yes or no questions.

We then went outside to do some kind of tagging game – Salmo and Dragonfly swung ropes around to pretend that those were fishing hooks (since the kids were fish in the game), then I was the next obstacle; the predator (a bear). I had to tag anyone who came into my area. I only caught two! LOL! Meanwhile, Oak was the fisherman in the next obstacle. To make it harder to catch anyone, he had to walk around with a container on his foot while the kids ran around picking up objects and running! LOL!

After lunch, people came in to talk about the causes and effects of UV radiation and how to prevent sunburns and such.

Later was the animal senses walk. Where the kids were given mirrors for junco eyes, put water on their noses to wet their noses to smell objects as the coyote sense of smell, blindfold one another to end up at certain trees, etc.

We later went back upstairs and the kids practiced their casting away skills for fishing rods. Reason we did it inside was because it was pouring outside. We’ll probably do it outside in a few days though.

Soon enough, it was time to go home!

Can’t wait for tomorrow!

– Garden Gnome


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