Discovery Camp – Day 4

Hey blog world! Today was the last day for discovery camp!

In the morning, was the magic spot first.

Then, two people came in and gave a presentation about whales. We even got to look, feel, and pass around skeletal parts of a whale!

The kids were then given a puzzle to put the whale parts together. Then, had to put it back in the boxes later 😛

After the presentation was done, the kids, me and Oak planted our own pine trees somewhere in the woods.

Later on after lunch, it was time to go swimming! We walked there and back since it wasn’t that far. I got splashed quite the amount of times! LOL! There were so many other kids (mostly from different camps) in the pool that I was trying hard not to step on them! LOL!

Getting changed later was the worst after the swim! The ladies’ room was BLOCKED and I had to wait a while to change since the stalls were taken up and some (rude and impatient) people discretely skipping in line. I later managed to find a stall and hurry out.

After we headed back, the kids gave a presentation to the stuff they made, the tour of the nature center, and where their magic spot was to their parents!

Then it was time to go home!

I’ll be back next week with the Adventure camp (ages 8-11) and Oak, and two of the kids from this week will be back next week too!

– Garden Gnome


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