Discovery Camp – Day 3

Hey blog world! This is the second last day of discovery camp. Here’s the scoop on what happened today!

We went on a hike at around 9:30! There was only three kids for the hike. One girl didn’t arrive until later when we got back.

There were so many steps and such but I managed to make it! In fact, I wasn’t even tired! I enjoy hiking. This is probably my second favorite thing of the week next to the magic spot!

We ended up going to a place called “Botanical Gardens”. Outside there was a trail that led to the wildlife and plants in the woods.

When we got to the lake, the kids fed the ducks and we watched the ducks go for it.

After looking at the rest, it was time to head back!

We stopped for lunch on top of the hill we climbed on.

When we got back the kids went downstairs for a frog and toad presentation where the species were kept in the science and nature centre.

Then the kids decided to go for a scavenger hunt around the nature centre on one of the floors.

Me and Oak only helped and gave them hints a few times. Such as “It’s around this area.” or “Your warmer…colder…warmer!”

But when I said the hints were over for certain ones, tickle time for me. Oak is not ticklish. But I am – and happened to mention it in front of all four of them a few days ago…oops! (Note: If you are ticklish, don’t tell any kids. Yes, they will tickle you.)

Magic spot was after. Nothing much happened since it was raining.

Raven decided for the kids to do a few craft thingy majigs where they had to plant their own plants and grab a few leaves from outside and make a poster out of them.

After a while, it was then time to go home.

– Garden Gnome


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