Discovery Camp – Day 2

Hey blog world! Here is what happened today as the second day of the nature camp!

In the morning we tested out weather instruments to measure windspeed, the cloud coverage in the air, etc.

Then, we played the bat and moth game. It’s when both players use some kind of shaker thingy majig and the bat is the one with the blindfold and tries to tag the moth. The bat shakes first, then the moth echoes, then the bat has to try to tag them with the blindfold on. People who weren’t in the circle were trees to prevent the bat and moth from going a certain distance. I played once as the bat…didn’t get the person! Oh well! It was still a fun game!

After that stuff was snack time. While all 7 of us (including us three camp counselors) were having our snack, I asked the kids what schools they go to, and from what they told me, I found out that two of the boys go to my old elementary school! Of course, I told them I went there. As for the two girls they went to different schools.

After the kids were done their snacks me and Oak went to play some kind of shark game where two players are the sharks to tag the sailors and the sailors have to avoid the sharks or they become one too. We played this on a play equipment nearby. Me and Oak (us who were junior counselors) were mostly the first sharks. The kids were mostly the sailors. The game first started out with two (girls) and then the other two (boys) decided to join in.

The magic spot was after snack time. I saw a squirrel climbing from tree to tree and so did everyone else!

Shortly after lunch was two guest speakers giving a presentation to us about sun protection and radiation. I didn’t know you could still get sunburnt in cloudy weather!

The bug sweep was next. The kids had to gather bugs from a net and put them in a giant bucket and put certain ones in containers to identify them. Since I didn’t have any rubber boots I helped them put the bugs in containers.

After that the kids made bugs out of socks and gave a brief presentation shortly after they were done about what their bug eats, their predator, etc.

Then was a feeding time for the animals held by one of the interpreters of the science center. The kids could go and watch.

Eventually, it was time to go home.

I won’t be there tomorrow since the kids won’t be showing up due to regatta day.

– Garden Gnome

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