Discovery Camp – Day 1

Hey blog world! Last summer, I was one of the junior camp counselors for a nature camp at our town’s science center. As I mentioned in my plans for this summer, I am doing it again this year too!

My nickname is still Garden Gnome from last year and I still had the name tag kept! The kids won’t know our actual names for a while so we’re going by nicknames (except for them, obviously).

The discovery camp is ages 6-8. There were four of them (two boys and two girls).

First off, in the morning we all got our name tags done. Then we went downstairs and the kids had to find out facts about each of the species downstairs (i.e. stickleback, salmon, brown trout, etc.). Little did they (and I) realize that they were going to be quizzed on it by a game later to be played outside.

Outside, the game was there were signs of each one of the species and we (me and Oak (another one of the junior counselors) joined in)) while Raven (the main counselor) read out each fact and had to run to the station.

After that, we played a trickier game and instead of calling out the facts, was calling out the specie(s). Then there was a bear. The bear had to tag other people and after they got tagged they became a bear too. Oak was the bear first. I was third to get caught.

We went to the park for lunch after.

After lunch was the magic spot. This is my favorite part by the way! We’ll be doing that everyday of this week. The magic spot is where you observe nature far away from people in a spot you chose and you have to be quiet while doing so.

After the magic spot the kids did their crafts (us counselors already had ours done). They were to make a fish out of paper plates and make fish hooks.

Then, they went to test their fishing rods and aim for certain spots on the field (since they were going to practice casting their hooks away in the water later afterwards).

After fishing, it was time to go home!

Can’t wait to go back again tomorrow!

– Emma (aka Garden Gnome)

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