End the R Word

End the use of the R word! It is wrong, mean, hurtful, and impolite! I have pledged in the link below in spreading the word to end the word! And you. Yes you! Go click the link…now!

Aspie Diaries

Hey blog world! A friend of mine recently used the R word in a blog post. She didn’t mean to do it and didn’t realize how bad it was. I told her how offensive I found it and she very politely apologized and replaced it with “Stupid”. The R word is the word “Retard” or “Retarded”. The English language has well over a million or more words. You have a very extensive vocabulary to chose from. Please don’t use the R word! It’s a very mean and derogatory term. Especially to those with special needs such as myself. We find that word the most offensive! Especially when people call us the R word. It hurts. A lot. Please join me (and Dr. Cox http://www.r-word.org/r-word-video-john-mcginley-psa.aspx) in spreading the word to end the word! Click here to learn more and pledge not to use the R word!


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