Summer 2014

Hey blog world! School’s out for the summer (this is the school’s out jam! It’s called School’s Out by Alice Cooper)! And I am officially done grade 10 and will be in grade 11 in September! Whoo hoooo!

And I have quite the variety of plans for this summer!

* I will MAYBE be going somewhere for vacation this summer. I’m not sure where though. Toronto last year was fun! See the blog post from last year here:!

* Me and my family will be going up to our cabin a few times during the summer…

* I may apply for a job in August (the place I want to work you have to be 16 and I’ll be turning 16 then).

* I’m hoping to learn to drive when I’m old enough (and get my permit).

* I will be going to a running club for girls 12-15 (I won’t be 16 until August…tee hee). This will be my third summer attending! Next summer I’ll be 16 (turning 17) so I will volunteer.

* The first two weeks of August I will be camp counseling like I did last year! And yes, the same place (at our town’s nature center)! Last year’s experience was fun! Told you I’d be applying again this year! Anyways the first week I will be with the discovery camp (ages 5-8), and as for the second week, the adventure camp (ages 8-11). I was at one of the training sessions yesterday and apparently (I did one week at the adventure camp last year) I found out that there will be three of the same kids that were in my group last year!

* August 22nd – August 24th (which is a weekend) I will be attending a Girl Guide’s district camp! Can’t wait to experience what will be happening while we are camping (there will be I don’t know about Sparks but Brownies, Guides, I don’t know about Pathfinders either, and us Rangers! From the permission slip and guide, there expecting 60 of us! Holy moly! After that camp there will be another few nights at one of our leader’s Beth’s cabin but I’m not able to go because I will be being going to something else which I’m about to mention in the next bullet (which I am excited to go to as well!). But I will be going to the first camp for sure!

* After the weekend of camp, I will be attending a G.A.L. program run by our city. It’s like a leadership program, except it’s all girls. It sounds like a fun and I can’t wait to go to that!

And after all that…getting ready for back to school 😛

Hope everyone has a wonderful and jolly summer!

~ Emma


End the R Word

End the use of the R word! It is wrong, mean, hurtful, and impolite! I have pledged in the link below in spreading the word to end the word! And you. Yes you! Go click the link…now!

Aspie Diaries

Hey blog world! A friend of mine recently used the R word in a blog post. She didn’t mean to do it and didn’t realize how bad it was. I told her how offensive I found it and she very politely apologized and replaced it with “Stupid”. The R word is the word “Retard” or “Retarded”. The English language has well over a million or more words. You have a very extensive vocabulary to chose from. Please don’t use the R word! It’s a very mean and derogatory term. Especially to those with special needs such as myself. We find that word the most offensive! Especially when people call us the R word. It hurts. A lot. Please join me (and Dr. Cox in spreading the word to end the word! Click here to learn more and pledge not to use the R word!


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To The Tune Of

Hey blog world! The Daily Post issued a writing challenge called “To The Tune Of”. Basically I have to rewrite a song. I’m going to do a parody of Fancy by Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX (! This is one of my favorite songs by the way!

Here it goes!

First things first I’m the chillest.

Drop it down low like it’s a hot potato

And I’m still in the Bee’s nest

Can hold you down like a wrestler

You should want a hot mess like this

Giant snake, Guava juice, chocolate shake

Mix-up of the fairly odd parents (oops!)

Get it straight that I’m hot

Singin’ to Britney Spears like I’m bringing ’98 back (hit me one more time!)

Making Miley Cyrus sounding like a laughing whale OH!

Windows down, air blowing, you should like that


*I’m so sexy! You already know! I’m in the country! From New York to London now!

I’m so sexy! I’m the next Kim Kardaaaash!

Remember my name

About to show*

I said “Baby one more time, I thought that I told you”

Can’t stand no Beliebers

They signs be stupid, they won’t get no Cupid

We tie them up, never gonna let them go!

Anyway, where did I leave at?

If you Daphne, define, if you Doreen, decline.

Can’t have time to worry about 1D, 2 d’s 3 d’s 4 d’s!

Now to tell me, who that, who that? That do that, do that?

Put the glitter on the floor I thought you knew that, knew that

I be the E-M-M-A put my name in caps


*I’m so sexy! You already know! I’m in the country! From New York to London now!

I’m so sexy! I’m the next Kim Kardaaaash!

Remember my name

About to show*

Push your car up, the hill until it rolls back down!

Make the news big

Feels so good knowing I’m so hot

Yeah keep on turning heat up

Steamin’ and don’t even care

Future super model, yeah I’m deluxe

Classic, expensive you don’t get to touch OW!

Still walkin’ how you like that?

Got the whole world asking how I get dudes

Like MC Hammer, hands off, don’t touch that.

I bet you be wishing you were me now

It’s how the way I does it

I be like “Oh my Gosh, give me a break now!”

Can’t deny it now

Slaying these Beliebers like they are nothin’.


*I’m so sexy! You already know! I’m in the country! From New York to London now!

I’m so sexy! I’m the next Kim Kardaaaash!

Remember my name

About to show*

Who that, who that, E-M-M-A

That do that, do that, E-E-M-M-A

Who that, who that, E-E-E-M-M-A


Who-who-who-who that, who that, E-M-M-A

That do that, do that, E-E-M-M-A

Who that, who that, E-E-E-M-M-A


If I were a boy…

Even just for a day…

Hey blog world! While I was listening to music, If I Were A Boy by Beyonce was one of the songs I was listening to, and it gave me an idea for a blog post! In this blog post, I’m going to write about what I would do if I was a guy, how I think I would act, etc.

I am totally opposite from most of this stuff I’m going to mention, this is all just what I THINK I would act as a dude.

Here it goes!

I would be more athletic than I am in the Emma life (i.e. soccer, basketball, etc.) in my real life, I’m not at all.

I would listen to rock and (sometimes) rap music.

The kind of person I would probably be in school would be “cool” and player-like (occasional bad boy (oops, LOL!)).

My grades would remain the same just as they are in the Emma life (average).

The prediction of my height would be around 5’10 or a little bit above – dude, I could climb up a MONSTER TRUCK!

*WARNING: DIRTY* I would see how big my “thing” was… Sorry, tried to warn you!

Girls would be on my mind 24/7.

Not gonna lie but if I liked them, I would capture their attention by teasing and bugging them a little, if you know what I mean ;), like poking, mimicking, hair tugging, take their phone and holding it in the air as a joke, you get the point. 😉

I would hang out with my “crew” at parks, go downtown for a bit, sometimes the mall (not to shop! And it wouldn’t be that often going there anyhow), maybe go walk around our streets…

I would treat my girl like a princess. Hold her hand, take her for long walks, cuddle, hug her from behind, let her know she’s beautiful, do her favors when she needs it, kiss her when we’re alone AND in front of hers and my friends, and more 🙂

Even though I may act “cool” and “tough”, I would be loving and caring with my family and spend more time with them than you would ever think.

Whatever happens, in the Emma life AND the guy life, I would refuse to smoke or do drugs.

Uh…based on most of this…be glad I’m not a guy! LOL!

Ok blog world! What would you do if you were the opposite sex? Tell me in the comments, or, write a blog post yourself about it!

Names I Like

Hey blog world! After my second cousin Hunter was born (see my previous blog post), I happened to think of names that I like (this list will probably change in 10-15 years (no this is not early planning (the farthest I go is 2 years) or some may remain the same this is just what I like in the now)). Here it goes!





Now…to the dark part of this blog post…names I don’t like. I’m not a very big fan of these names (sorry if this is your name); Whitney, Kaitlyn, Rhonda, Brandon, Trevor, and Randy.

So, blog world, what names do you like? Tell me in the comments!

Another second cousin!

Hey blog world! Today I had another second cousin who was born today (June 11th) at around 10:00 a.m. ish! My cousin and her husband are the parents. Looks like Ryan (my first second cousin (see blog post from last year will have another fellow to play with. His name is Hunter by the way and he’s soooo adorable! Looks just like my cousin! Can’t wait to see Hunter at the hospital tomorrow! I have two second cousins to watch grow up! 🙂

– Emma