100 Year Old BFFs

Hey blog world! I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook and one of the pages I liked (there’s a lot of them so I don’t know which one (LOL!)) shared this video of 100 year old BFFs who have been friends for 94 years and my first thought was ‘I should see this!’ so I did. And I just had to share this!

It’s about two 100 year old women named Irene and Alice and they get interviewed on the Steve Harvey Show and are asked their thoughts on today’s pop culture (2014).

“What is a Selfie?” It’s when you take a picture of yourself and upload it. Alice doesn’t sound too satisfied on doing that! LOL!

“What is twerking?” It’s a dance move with your butt. Miley Cyrus is THE queen of twerking.

“Are you disappointed in the new iPhone operating system?” They said yes. I myself are indifferent towards it.

“What do you think of Justin Bieber?” “Justin Beaver? He’s not doing something right…” Go Irene!

“What do you think of the baby name North West?” They were astonished about the name North. Not a name I would give my child (LOL!). I’ve wondered if North West would want to visit the Northwest Territories when she gets older…

“Do you know what BFF stands for?” It stands for Best Friends Forever. They sure have been BFFs! Hopefully my friendship with my friends will last that long!

Here’s the link for the video!

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