Apply cold water to the burned area

Hey blog world! Long time no post! I have heard of the “Apply cold water to the burned area” and I’ve decided to post which ones I found the funniest! Speaking of funny – Friday funnies!









Things I don’t like when it happens

* Wanting to look for something or say something, then you forget.

* Cancelled plans that you’ve been looking forward to.

* When I get out of school and some crazy chicks who bring their cars almost run you over when they’re pulling out.

* Telling someone something and all they respond with is “…ok.”

* When you think someone is smiling at you even though they’re not.

* Being lied to. I like it when people are honest.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth bullet are the top ones!

Anything you don’t like? Tell me in the comments!

Happy 2014!

Hey blog world! Happy New Year! We are now into a whole different year! This year’s going to be great! I know it!

I also have a New Year’s resolution! I’m going to do more chores around the house! I’ll also save up my allowance for things and trips and more. And possibly get out of my nail biting habit (if I can! LOL!).

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Tell me in the comments!