Hey blog world! Merry Christmas to all! I had a great Christmas Day today! When I woke up this morning, I looked under the tree and went upstairs looking for gifts there were many gifts! I got some clothes, an android, slippers, a watch, and two Swarovski crystals (a squirrel (which I named Alvin (after Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks)) and a cat (which I named Dante (in memory of him))! And I got my mom a nice, red ring! And I got my grandparents a cross which I painted myself! It said “God is watching over you” across and flowers going up and down! They loved their gifts! Oh and I didn’t forget my dad! I’m giving him a batch of cookies which I made myself!

Later on at around 4:00 was when we showed up to my aunt’s and uncle’s house for Christmas dinner! For dinner I took turkey and carrots (I’m a picky eater LOL!)! Then one of my cousins had chocolate mousse with peppermint on the inside with chocolate cups and it tasted AWESOME! Also my aunt cooked homemade chocolate chip cookies and I took four (don’t tell mom!). After dinner and desert was the gift opening. I received 3 gifts from my aunt which was a pink shirt with dots on it and a purple sweater that had “Old Navy” going across it! I also got pink utensils. Another was from my other cousin and it was a card with a Ciniplex gift card inside! And I got my aunt and uncle a birdhouse which I painted myself! They loved it!

I liked all my gifts and had a wonderful Christmas!

What did you get for Christmas? Tell me in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Christmas!

  1. I got a lot of great stuff! Some new clothes, a George Jones CD, the Logo Party board game, some new movies (“Horrible Bosses”, “Phantom of the Opera”, “Dodgeball” and the 3rd season of “Scrubs”), Rod Stewart’s autobiography, puzzles, a rainbow loom, an acoustic guitar and lots of other stuff.

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