Picture this!

Hey blog world! Here’s a couple of Friday funnies. Laugh as you picture these in your head!

A muscular girl about 6’5 with a unibrow breaking down your front door yelling “WHERE’S THE CHAPSTICK?!”

You are home alone and you sneeze. The phone rings and someone says “Bless you.” on the other line.

You see a beetle on the ground and then “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” by The Beatles start playing out of nowhere.

You happen to flick to your channel on the news and one of your friends performs a song on how good looking they are.

The look on your face when your about to sneeze. On your driver’s license.

Kermit the frog tap dancing on your face.

Finding out that like all of us, Jesus farted.

You wake up in the morning and still droopy eyed, look out your back window. You then see one of your classmates/coworkers meditating in mid air.

Your mom when she wakes up in the morning.

Your counting sheep trying to fall asleep and one of the sheep trips over the hurdle. Ouch! That must hurt!

Do you have any funnies to share? Which ones did you find funny? Tell me in the comments!


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