Girl Guides Christmas Dinner

Hey blog world! Last night the Girl Guides (Rangers) went to a Christmas dinner at a lodge. I didn’t really eat anything since they poured gravy all over the meat and veggies. Not everyone likes gravy you know! I was more thirsty. I remember drinking a whole lot of water and eventually having to pee after! LOL! After was the desert which was some kind of cake. The choices were chocolate and vanilla. When one of the Rangers, H, said that it was cream cheese icing I went for the chocolate one instead! My friend Laura (I usually wouldn’t mention my friends’ names but they’re ok with it) tried my chocolate cake and I tried her vanilla cake. We both had different sense of taste! I didn’t really like the vanilla one. Laura double dipped her fork into the cake so I let her take that piece. After the dinner was the prize draw! Beforehand, everyone wrote their names on a piece of paper to enter the draw. After a few awards and plaques to leaders from Girl Guides and helpers from the lodge, was the prize draw. Earlier, me and Laura asked each other “What could be wrapped up in those presents?” “Maybe it’s stuff for old people” (since there was mostly old ladies at the lodge last night). My name was called out eventually! When I opened it I got a Christmas cup with presents on it and a Christmas themed towel. Then everyone noticed a poinsettia in the middle of our table. H said that pets were attracted to poinsettias and could possibly eat them and since Laura was the only one at our table who had no pets at home decided to take it! At the end the Rangers had a quick meeting on what we were gonna do for the next couple weeks! Sounds like fun so far! I’ll let you know what we’ll be doing!


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