Sparks Halloween Party

Hey blog world! Last night at Rangers we were hosting a Halloween party for the Sparks (4-6 year olds)! It was fun!

Me and my friend L.B. first arrived there then she reminded me that we were supposed to wear our Halloween costumes! She had her skeleton costume on. I didn’t have my Rolanda costume on! Whoops! Since I had zero time to go back home I looked around and thought “What could I be with my red shirt on?” Then I spotted a STOP sign! Then I decided to be a STOP sign! As soon as we got inside I looked for white paper, tape and scissors and do it real quick before the Sparks arrived. Most people thought what I was being was funny! LOL!

The Sparks looked really cute in their costumes! And the other Rangers and leaders looked really cool in theirs!

There were three stations that the Sparks could go to and they were all put into three groups when they did a rotation. I was helping out with the crafts and L.B. was helping out with a different activity (I think where they act out certain Halloween characters) and I forget what the other group was LOL! The Sparks were making pumpkins with a witch’s hat and mask! They all looked really cool! I even made one!

After everyone was finished everyone gathered around the circle and us Rangers and leaders passed out Kool Aids and Rice Krispies! Then we passed out the Goodie Bags! Since there was leftovers some of the Rangers took a few even I did!

It was a fun night and the kids really liked us!



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