Q and A (Part 1)

Q: Age?
A: 15

Q: Grade?
A: 10

Q: Zodiac sign?
A: I’m a Leo!

Q: What’s your last name?
A: Watzitto-ya

Q: Sexual orientation?
A: Straight.

Q: Favorite season?
A: Fall!

Q: What is your favorite sport?
A: Dancing!

Q: Self-esteem level?
A: High. Really high.

Q: Any pets?
A: One dog! I also want a cat! I love cats!

Q: When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
A: Me and my sexy looks.

Q: Inspiration?
A: My mom is my only inspiration.

Q: Family or friends?
A: Both!

Q: Hobbies?
A: Reading, taking pictures, dancing, making videos, and more!

Q: Least favorite music?
A: Justin Bieber and rap

Q: Would you clone yourself if you could?
A: No

Q: Any exciting news?
A: Justine Beaver is off our main radio station (99.1)! good

Q: Are you scared of anyone?
A: Justin Bieber.

Q: Ever made a prank call?
A: Yeah.

Q: Top 3 fears?
A: Clowns, spiders, and the dark.

Q: What is your lucky number?
A: 7

Q: Post a pic!
A: no

Q: How good are you at keeping secrets?
A: Great! 20ded85fdbf264d95010c72fd3e24405

Q: Miley Cyrus is hiding in your closet.
A: … wat

Q: Did you enjoy answering these questions?
A: Yeah!

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