Cookie Blitz

Hey blog world! Last night at Rangers we went to one of our leader(J)s’ house to sell girl Guide Cookies around her neighborhood! Me and L.B. were the first to arrive at J’s house. When two other girls in our group came, we sorted out the boxes and mixed them together (mint and chocolate & vanilla). J’s son who was 3 1/2 years old (also adorable!) was kind to pass out the boxes one by one! I then placed them on the front porch where everyone was sitting/standing.

As soon as everyone arrived we split into two groups and went to different neighborhoods. I was in J’s group along with L.B. and two other girls H and M. The leader B went with her other group.

Firstly, me and L.B. paired up with each other and knocked on doors together. A few people didn’t want any, but most did buy the cookies!

After we finished up that neighborhood, J told me, L.B., H, and M to split up.

A few odd things happened in a few houses while I went by myself (LOL!); one house I went to barely had any lights on, and I’m pretty sure I heard a raspy voice saying “Go. Away.” Then I just moved on. Another house I went to’s living room light was in full view of the window, so it was hard not to see inside. Some person was sleeping on the couch and that seemed to be the only room lit up in the house. Then I moved on while giggling to myself. While I was waiting for one person to get their money, I heard L.B. screaming and when I asked about it later, she said she got chased out of someone’s property by a dog!

As soon as everyone met up with each other I sold a lot of boxes and so did everyone else! I only had four boxes left. I didn’t have time to count up the money since me and L.B. had to go home as soon as we arrived at J’s house.

By the way: The Girl Guide mint cookies are delicious! I had four about a half hour ago!



3 thoughts on “Cookie Blitz

  1. I love mint girl guide cookies! Especially in a milkshake! My Neice is a brownie and so every time she brings home mint cookies I always make sure my parents buy a box so I can make milkshakes out of them with my magic bullet.

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