Sparks Halloween Party

Hey blog world! Last night at Rangers we were hosting a Halloween party for the Sparks (4-6 year olds)! It was fun!

Me and my friend L.B. first arrived there then she reminded me that we were supposed to wear our Halloween costumes! She had her skeleton costume on. I didn’t have my Rolanda costume on! Whoops! Since I had zero time to go back home I looked around and thought “What could I be with my red shirt on?” Then I spotted a STOP sign! Then I decided to be a STOP sign! As soon as we got inside I looked for white paper, tape and scissors and do it real quick before the Sparks arrived. Most people thought what I was being was funny! LOL!

The Sparks looked really cute in their costumes! And the other Rangers and leaders looked really cool in theirs!

There were three stations that the Sparks could go to and they were all put into three groups when they did a rotation. I was helping out with the crafts and L.B. was helping out with a different activity (I think where they act out certain Halloween characters) and I forget what the other group was LOL! The Sparks were making pumpkins with a witch’s hat and mask! They all looked really cool! I even made one!

After everyone was finished everyone gathered around the circle and us Rangers and leaders passed out Kool Aids and Rice Krispies! Then we passed out the Goodie Bags! Since there was leftovers some of the Rangers took a few even I did!

It was a fun night and the kids really liked us!



Q and A (Part 2)

Q: Bad habit?
A: Biting my nails.

Q: Decade born in?
A: The 90’s! #90skid

Q: How do you start a conversation with someone?
A: “Do you have a large variety of lipsticks?” … JK, JK.

Q: Best subject in school?
A: Canadian Geography.

Q: Worst?
A: Math. I need improvement in that subject.

Q: Would you rather…change gender every time you sneeze OR not be able to tell the difference between a muffin and a baby?
A: LOL. Gender.

Q: Would you rather…have a British accent or French accent?
A: British, obviously.

Q: Believe in aliens?
A: No

Q: What are you going out as for Halloween?
A: Rolanda!

Q: Why does Satan hate you?
A: Because I’m an angel!

Q: Why don’t you like Justin Bieber???????? Your so mean!
A: His girly music sucks and he is gay and retarded. Plus he picked a fight with his neighbor, made an awful speech on an awards show, got high, and peed in a mop bucket.

Q: Why don’t you like One Direction?
A: I just don’t find their music that good. A couple of their songs are good but they’re not my favorite band. And their fans are psycho.

Q: One thing you would never do?
A: Your mom.

Q: Your DEEPEST, DARKEST secret.
A: Fine… I let the dogs out OK?! It was me!!!

Q: When was the last time you stole the last cookie?
A: A few minutes ago…don’t tell! 20ded85fdbf264d95010c72fd3e24405

Q: Name 1 good thing about yourself.
A: Funny, kind, intelligent, hot, and awesome!

Q: Like anyone?
A: Your mom. JK! No one. boys …yet 😉

Q: Where do you live?
A: Canada.

Q: Opinion on homework?
A: aintnobodygotimefordat

Q: Favorite colour?
A: Yellow! 🙂

Q: Ever broke the law?

Q: Are you better at singing or dancing?
A: Dancing! Especially the Macarena! LOL!

Q: Did you enjoy answering these questions?
A: Yes!

Pumpkinfest 2013

Hey blog world! Today me and my mom and dad went to our city’s pumpkinfest! We go there every year! ANd every year it’s always fun! We arrived there at 10:00 in the morning and left at 11:00.

First off we went on the hay ride. There were a bunch of other people on the ride with us as well. The ride was about 5-10 minutes long. I spotted a lot of purple cauliflower in the farm’s vegetable patch. I also saw a bunch of bird sitting on the roof top of one of the farms.

After the hay ride there was a bunch of dancers on the front stage and we arrived as soon as the first group finished their song. Then we stayed to watch another group do their dance! Their song was Disturbia – Rihanna and they danced really well!

Then me, mom, and dad went to the corn maze! During our journey in the corn maze, mom took out the camera and I did my signature pose (one hand on the hip and my arm bent and my hand on my head). LOL! We found our way out pretty quickly! Last year the corn maze wasn’t there so most people went in the Black Maze. Last year me, mom, and my nan went in and it was pitch black. When we were almost at the exit some guy shined a flashlight on his mask with crazy hair and a skeletal-like face. I screamed! Then mom was like “What happened?” and I was like “There’s something there!” and the guy vanished into the darkness. They were a few feet behind me so they didn’t see it. I chickened out this year for the Black Maze! LOL!

After the corn maze me and my mom and dad went over to the ponies, llamas, cows, goats, and sheep! The funniest thing that happened was when the sheep went “Baaa!” it almost sounded like a human making the impersonation! LOL! We happened to pass by the tiny goats and I noticed people were feeding the animals. I asked my dad for a few quarters and got some animal seed. Dad said to feed them with my hands but I was first afraid they were going to bite me so I asked dad to do it first. I watched and the goats got their seed with their tongue! Then I tried it and it felt so weird! LOL! After I fed the goats I fed the sheep!

We then went into the barn and there were pigs, chickens, rabbits, donkeys, emus, and a turkey!

After we went into the market then we decided it was time to go.

11 more days until Halloween!

Have you ever been to a pumpkinfest? Did you like it? Tell me in the comments!

Things I’m thankful for

Hey blog world! In Canada today is Thanksgiving! I’m going to share what I’m thankful for!

* Family: The people who I love, care about, and love spending time with!

* Friends: The funniest, amazing, and interesting people I have ever come across!

* God: Nice to know he’s watching over us!

* My amazing looks: #umadbro #jealousmuch #noteventrying #canthelpit #getusedtoit

* The province I came from: I’m so glad to be born and still living here! It’s such a great province!

* Everything I have

What are you thankful for? Tell me in the comments!

EJM Dictionary

Hey blog world! I’m going to post my own definition of words!

Family: The people I care about the most and love very much!

Friends: The most amazing people I’ve ever met!

Music: Music is a great source of entertainment. I like to dance to music as well!

Owl: They are fascinating creatures and also the wisest species of bird.

Hippo: AWINGOWAK AWINKGOWAK AWINGOWAK In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight! … I wanna hippopotamus for Christmas!

Slow: I hate it when things or people are slow. Especially in the hallways at school.

Weird: A word I use to describe myself!

Hot: Me, obviously.

Make your own dictionary on your blog! Take whatever words you want and write your own definition for them. Have fun!


Q and A (Part 1)

Q: Age?
A: 15

Q: Grade?
A: 10

Q: Zodiac sign?
A: I’m a Leo!

Q: What’s your last name?
A: Watzitto-ya

Q: Sexual orientation?
A: Straight.

Q: Favorite season?
A: Fall!

Q: What is your favorite sport?
A: Dancing!

Q: Self-esteem level?
A: High. Really high.

Q: Any pets?
A: One dog! I also want a cat! I love cats!

Q: When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
A: Me and my sexy looks.

Q: Inspiration?
A: My mom is my only inspiration.

Q: Family or friends?
A: Both!

Q: Hobbies?
A: Reading, taking pictures, dancing, making videos, and more!

Q: Least favorite music?
A: Justin Bieber and rap

Q: Would you clone yourself if you could?
A: No

Q: Any exciting news?
A: Justine Beaver is off our main radio station (99.1)! good

Q: Are you scared of anyone?
A: Justin Bieber.

Q: Ever made a prank call?
A: Yeah.

Q: Top 3 fears?
A: Clowns, spiders, and the dark.

Q: What is your lucky number?
A: 7

Q: Post a pic!
A: no

Q: How good are you at keeping secrets?
A: Great! 20ded85fdbf264d95010c72fd3e24405

Q: Miley Cyrus is hiding in your closet.
A: … wat

Q: Did you enjoy answering these questions?
A: Yeah!

Cookie Blitz

Hey blog world! Last night at Rangers we went to one of our leader(J)s’ house to sell girl Guide Cookies around her neighborhood! Me and L.B. were the first to arrive at J’s house. When two other girls in our group came, we sorted out the boxes and mixed them together (mint and chocolate & vanilla). J’s son who was 3 1/2 years old (also adorable!) was kind to pass out the boxes one by one! I then placed them on the front porch where everyone was sitting/standing.

As soon as everyone arrived we split into two groups and went to different neighborhoods. I was in J’s group along with L.B. and two other girls H and M. The leader B went with her other group.

Firstly, me and L.B. paired up with each other and knocked on doors together. A few people didn’t want any, but most did buy the cookies!

After we finished up that neighborhood, J told me, L.B., H, and M to split up.

A few odd things happened in a few houses while I went by myself (LOL!); one house I went to barely had any lights on, and I’m pretty sure I heard a raspy voice saying “Go. Away.” Then I just moved on. Another house I went to’s living room light was in full view of the window, so it was hard not to see inside. Some person was sleeping on the couch and that seemed to be the only room lit up in the house. Then I moved on while giggling to myself. While I was waiting for one person to get their money, I heard L.B. screaming and when I asked about it later, she said she got chased out of someone’s property by a dog!

As soon as everyone met up with each other I sold a lot of boxes and so did everyone else! I only had four boxes left. I didn’t have time to count up the money since me and L.B. had to go home as soon as we arrived at J’s house.

By the way: The Girl Guide mint cookies are delicious! I had four about a half hour ago!