Summer Memories 2013

Hey blog world! Yesterday was the last day of summer vacation! It’s suprising how summer flew by that quickly! I had yet another great summer!

* VBS – This time I wasn’t participating, but I was a helper there along with my friend L.M.! It was so much fun!

* Going to a park, B.P., with my friend L.B. for half the day! It was fun!

* Going to the cabin for a few days of the summer. We didn’t get to go up much this year. But it was fun when we did!

* Seeing Marianas Trench in concert with L.B.!

* Being a junior camp counselor for a nature camp! It was fun! I’m definatley gonna apply again next year! Next year I’m going to try the younger group and see how that one goes!

* Toronto – I had so much fun there! I went with my mom and dad. The best part of the trip was when we went to Niagra Falls and the Toronto Zoo! I even got to ride on a camel at the Toronto Zoo!

* Seeing “Planes” with L.B. and L.M. and seeing “The Smurfs 2” with L.M.

I had a great summer and I can’t wait for next summer too (I may even have an idea what I’ll be doing the next!)! Today I’m starting high school (Grade 10).

What are your favorite memories of this summer? Tell me in the comments!


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