Special Items I Own

Hey blog world! This blog post is going to be on a bunch of my favorite things that I own!

* Vincent (the starfish) – I found Vincent on a beach when I was younger. The beach name had the name Vincent in it so mom suggested that I name the starfish Vincent! I still have Vincent the starfish kept away!

* Russian Doll – My dad gave this to me for me to keep. It’s a wooden doll and I still have it on my shelf in my bedroom!

* Jesus figure – I’ve had this 3-inch Jesus figure for a long time! I think my nan gave this to me long ago. It’s safe to know that God is watching over you.

* Nightlight (with my first name on it) – When I was younger, I had this night-light on in my room whenever I’d be sleeping. I’m still scared of the dark, but I don’t use the night light. I keep my door open just a crack every night. I still like keeping this knowing I used to have it!

* “Be Happy” Keychain – I got this keychain a few years ago in a Dollar Store. I really like it!

* Wooden Owl – I got this owl in a supermarket (not in the food section). I really liked it since owls are fascinating creatures! They are also the wisest!

* Time-Turner – I found this one in Shoppers one day. It’s a magical item from Harry Potter. This one’s not real though.

* Pig Keychain – I found this one in Chapters one time. The cool thing about it is, when you push a button on the pig, it snorts and turns on a blue flashlight!

* Dolphin – Mom gave this to me months ago. She said dolphins are usually good luck! And I really like it! I named the dolphin Aqua!

* Garden Gnome name tag – I was a junior counselor at a nature camp a few weeks ago and me, one other junior counselor, and the head counselor each had our own name tags (made out of wood)! Next to the name Garden Gnome I drew a mushroom and a pine tree! I’ll also use this again if I’m able to become a junior counselor again next summer.

* Garden Gnomes – I own two Garden gnomes. One is a very tiny one and he’s in long wooden box where the lettuce are growing (yes it’s outside). He is carrying a wheelbarrow with him! I named that one Sprout. I got another one in Toronto two weeks ago in a gift shop. He’s carrying a snail in his hands! I named that one T.O. (Thomas Oliver)! I’m planning to collect more gnomes too!

* Shu – Shu is a tiny (and cute) panda that I got at the Toronto zoo! After we looked at the giant pandas there was a Panda gift shop on the way out and one of the items I got was the tiny panda which I called Shu (named after one of the other panda bears)!

* Success Stone – I also got this one in the same gift shop I got my garden gnome T.O. (Thomas Oliver). This should be a good charm with my education!

* Golden Spoon – I found this in our utensil drawer. It was weird (and cool) that I found a golden one. I decided to keep it.

What are your favorite items that you own? Tell me in the comments!


One thought on “Special Items I Own

  1. I have several favorite items but if I had to pick a favorite it would be my signed copy of Spirit of Newfoundlands “Even Seagulls Dream” CD which Peter gave to me for free last night! Him, Shelley Neville, Sheila Williams and Darrin Martin signed it.

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