Toronto trip

Hey blog world! Just got back home from Toronto last night! I had a great trip! We arrived August 12th and departed August 19th.

August 12th (Day 1) – We got up at around 3ish to get to the airport and the plane took off at around 5. It wasn’t a peaceful journey though – some guy sitting in front of us was SNORING the whole way (which is why I fell asleep as soon as I got to the hotel)! And some lady next to him kept get frightened by his unexpected snores! LOL! Later on during the day (while we were finally in Toronto), we made an attempt to visit the CN Tower but mom forgot her wallet! Whoops! At least we got to see it up close!

August 13th (Day 2) – This day was the most funnest. Me and my parents went on a bus tour to Niagra Falls. The bus first stopped at a winery. Everyone on the bus was given wine testing but I refused because I’m too young. They offered me grape juice but I declined that one too! After there we went to Niagra on the lake. Everyone was given time to stop around stores there. I went to a few chocolate shops and I also got a garden gnome (for my collection) and a Niagra Falls magnet in a gift store. After that we finally made it to Niagra Falls! We went to the boat to Niagra Falls along with about 100 other people. It was fun feeling the water come at you!

August 14th (Day 3) – This day we went to Kensington Market and Chinatown. We first went through Chinatown and there was of course a lot of Asians around that area. Speaking of which – in Toronto we saw mostly Chinese people around! Then we went to Kensignton Market. There were so many different items in different markets there.

August 15th (Day 4) – This day we went to Casa Loma. It was so exquisite inside and it was such a big castle! There was audio recorders we could take and when you pressed a certain number it would tell you about the room you were in.

August 16th (Day 5) – Later on that night we saw the Wizard of Oz as a play! The theatre was fancy and it seemed like it was old too! Suprisingly they allowed popcorn and cookies and other foods in the theatre. I got myself popcorn and a cookie while watching the play. The play was an awesome production! I give it a 10 out of 10!

August 17th (Day 6) – That day we went to the Toronto Zoo. I took pictures with the camera of the animals! Some of them were blurry though because a few of the animals would not keep still. The first animal, which was some kind of monkey did really unbeliveably great poses (mom thought the type of monkey was a macaw (and realized it was a type of bird LOL!))! I got two pictures of it! The second animal – I don’t know which one but I’m pretty sure it was a rhino’s butt. He would not turn around! My favorite animals I’ve seen were definatley the zebras, giraffes, pandas, and flamingos! Halfway through we saw the camels and you could even ride on the camels! I got to ride a camel! It was fun! Along the way we saw the giant pandas and went into the panda gift shop. I got a mood colour necklace, a Toronto Zoo snow globe, and a tiny stuffed panda (which I named Shu!)!

August 18th (Day 7) – Nothing much happened that day. We were pretty much packing away to go home.

August 19th (Day 8) – We were in the airport all day. Our flight didn’t leave until 7:40 (Toronto time). I tried to fall asleep in the airport but couldn’t! Later on was our flight and while everyone was getting on some overweight lady’s butt was pushing mom out of the way (and now we understand why dad wanted the window seat!) afterwards one of the overweight lady’s boyfriends (so I’m guessing), spit in my face while talking! Gross! Along the flight some lady in front of us kept farting! After a while when it got dark out I looked from above and looked at the lit up areas we were flying over! It was wonderful! At around 12:30 we finally made it back home!

I had a great trip!



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