Nature Camp – Day 5

Hey blog world! Today was the last day of nature camp. Here’s what happened today!

First, the kids finished their masks to represent later on.

After that was the magic spot. I found a weird metal object laying on the ground. It wasn’t there yesterday. So I took it with me. Also, I didn’t have a peaceful 15 minutes. Some fly kept coming around me and I was swatting my hands into the air trying to shoo it away but that didn’t work. A guy nearby was laughing at the fact I was trying to swat the fly away! LOL!

Soon afterwards, it was time for the kids to represent their masks on what they were and what they do in the wildlife.

During lunch, we went over to the duck pond. Junco brought bird seed so we fed the ducks the bird seed. Something funny also happened there! I was opening my bag and I had to rip the velcro to open it. As soon as I ripped the velcro, the ducks started flapping their wings and went in the water! LOL! Everyone was laughing! Apparently that scared them! Oops! I had to open the velcro a second time and the ducks did the same thing again. This time everyone laughed harder including me! LOL!

After lunch, it was time to go swimming at a nearby aquatic centre. On the way, two weird things happened. I was in the back of the group (since I was the only junior counselor there again). First, some guy who was running was wearing short shorts! A few of the boys I was closer to including me turned to look at him and laughed. I was like “Those were girly shorts!” LOL! The second weird thing happened was when we were close to the stoplight, one kid happened to be near me. Some lady had wild berries in her hands and first asked the kid next to me “Want a berry?” and he was like “No but thanks anyway.”. Then the lady asked me if I wanted a berry. I was like “No thanks.” and then in my mind I was like “Stranger danger stranger danger stranger danger…” Me and him both made the smart move to not do it. When we got to the swimming place, I didn’t swim. I just waited outside and played a few games on my iPod to pass the time.

When we got back, the kids guided their parents around the science centre.

I had a great week being a junior counselor for the first time! Next year I’m gonna try the Discovery Camp (ages 5-8) and see how that one works out!

-Emma (Garden Gnome)


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