Nature Camp – Day 4

Hey blog world! Today was the fourth day. The only person missing today was Willow. So I was the only junior counselor there along with Junco (the head counselor).

In the morning, the kids were finishing up their masks.

After that, we went outside and went close to the fishing pond. We first played a game where you go in a circle are pass the sticks next to the other person next to you either crossed or uncrossed. It took me a while to figure this one out! Apparently you pass the sticks next to the person based on whether their legs are crossed or uncrossed while sitting down. After that, we played a game where one person hides and the rest have to find them. They hid pretty well! After that we played Fox and Hare. It’s when the person who’s the fox stays in one spot and the others (the hares) have to hide nearby without getting caught by the fox. If they do, they have to come out of their hiding spot. I got caught the first time after a couple of others. Second round I was second last to be caught, since I was hiding behind a big tree. The last round, I was the first one to get caught! I was hiding in the bushes, but then the last fox called out “Blue shorts and white sneakers!” and clearly that was me. Weirdest part was one kid was in front of me and didn’t get seen. Then when the fox caught two brothers, the oldest one he called Crackly McWhitefoot! LOL! Since he heard cracking and saw a white shoe from behind the tree and that was him. The youngest brother he caught was called Shoulder McRedshoulder! LOL! Since he saw his shoulder coming from behind the tree and the fact he was wearing a red shirt.

After all that, was the magic spot. I went back to my original spot, then dug holes for a bit. One kid nearby (same kid who tried to make a swingset a few days ago during magic spot) flicked over a few pieces of the fir tree (probably as a joke) and I tried to plant them in the tiny holes that I dug. Then he came over and told me a riddle. Your not supposed to talk during magic spot, but I didn’t care though since Junco wasn’t anywhere nearby. Then he saw a tree that fell down and tried to put it back up again! LOL!

During lunch, we happened to watch a few videos on what the cons were on bottled water. The awkward thing was, I was just drinking out of bottled water (I reuse it though).

After lunch, we were having a discussion on water.

After that, was the bug sweep. There’s two pairs in a team, and you try to get tiny insects and such from the water and try to identify them.

Later on afterwards, we went to the park and the kids played on the play equipment again.

Soon afterwards, it was time to go home.

-Emma (Garden Gnome)


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