Nature Camp – Day 3

Hey blog world! Today was the third day of nature camp! Barely anyone showed up today because of Regatta Day. Three people showed up in the morning.

At around 10:00 or so, we went on a hike to a garden centre! It involved lots of climbing uphill. We also saw a squirrel on a flight of stairs. When we reached the top, you could see the whole city! Wonderful view!

After our snack break, we got to the garden centre. A leader showed us around the trail and such. We looked at lots of trees, flowers, and more! Then when we got to the pond we were aloud to feed the ducks since it wasn’t that big of a crowd with us. We also learned something while were feeding the ducks. Male ducks have yellow beaks and female ducks have greyish-brown beaks. It was also funny to watch the ducks go under the water and pop back up again! Some of the ducks splashed so much that we almost got splashed! LOL! After that, we went into a greenhouse on the way back and there were lots of plants in there along with fruits. I almost freaked out since there was a lot of wasps in there. We also saw a rabbit (snowshoe hare) in the forest and we got quite a good view of the bunny! When we got back to the main centre, two of the kids were being picked up to go to the Regatta. Which left us with only one kid today! Then it was time to leave.

On the way back, we stopped for a lunch break at the top of the hill again. When we looked carefully, you could see the rowers rowing in one of the city’s lakes! When it was time to keep moving, we picked a few blueberries we saw on the side of the trail. They were tasty! There’s this one type of berry in the forest that is so blue it almost looks like a blueberry but it’s actually not. But it’s leaves are edible. I call those ones anti-blueberries! LOL! The rest of the hike was almost all downhill so it was all good!

When we got back, it was almost 1:30! I hung around for a while and so did the other junior counselor (Willow) while the one kid was finishing up his mask.

Then, it was time for the magic spit! We went out into the forest again. My smiley face me out of sticks was still there! I went to the same place as yesterday and today I wrote “Yo” out of tiny sticks!

After the magic spot, we went over to the lake and took sap from the tree and see what would happen when we flicked the sap filled stick into the water. It kinda looked like gas! It was cool!

We went back again and we fed the frogs and fish downstairs.

Eventually, it was time to go home.

-Emma (Garden Gnome)


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