Nature Camp – Day 2

Hey blog world! Today was the second week of nature camp!

In the morning, we helped with gardening at a nearby Autism centre. We were plucking out weeds. In one of the gardens, you could make music there with xylophone-like instruments. We gardened there first. Then we moved to garden at the berry bushes. We were also allowed to try the berries when everyone was done plucking. I liked the blueberries and strawberries, and tried some tiny red berries (which actually weren’t that bad), and I literally spit out a black berry once I first tried it (it tasted awful)!

When we got back there was a guest speaker from the Search and Rescue giving a presentation to the kids on what to do if you ever get lost, and showed a video on what one boy did when he got lost while camping (he used his head to be found).

After that we had lunch in a nearby park. Some of them went on the play equipment for a while after they were finished eating. Then some of them rolled down the hill and I gave it a try too! It’s fun rolling down a hill! I had to take off my glasses and name tag while doing so.

When we got back after lunch there was also another guest speaker. This time we were outside. She talked about how polluting is bad, how it affects certain habitats, etc. Then we played two games. First one was the spiderweb. Everyone (including us counselors) each had a picture to hang around our necks (I was a moose!)! And there was a ball of yarn we had to toss to each other to match what each thing needed to survive. At the end, we created a spiderweb! The second game was to match up where certain things came from. First the guest speaker and us counselors held up signs where the objects that had to be matched came from. The items either came from Mining, Forestry, Oil and Gas, and Farming. Then we gave the other kids a turn. Two of the kids who were holding up the Mining and Farming signs were calling them out to remind us where they were and it sounded like they were both saying “Morning!” LOL!

After that was the Magic Spot. We’ll be doing this every day this week. It’s when you find a spot in the forest and connect to nature while being silent there the whole time. We can’t be too close to each other, but a fair distance away. While I found my spot, I swept the pine needles in a pile with a stick. I also made a smiley face out of tiny sticks. Everything was quiet and then we heard a dog barking followed by a guy talking to his dog. And when I looked around to see where it was coming from, a fair distance away some guy was jumping on his trampoline with his dog. That was odd. Later on when we talked about the nature spot, one kid (who was also nearby where I was) said he tried to make a swingset! LOL!

After that we went inside and the kids made masks. I didn’t do it because I didn’t want my face to get plastered. Especially when some of them complained on how weird it felt and such.

It was then time to go home.

We’re going on a hike tomorrow!

-Emma (Garden Gnome)

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