Nature Camp – Day 1

Hey blog world! This week I’m a junior counselor for a nature camp (Adventure camp (ages 8-11)) at one of our city’s science centres. Us three counselors; D (also the head counselor), S, and me each have our own nickname for the campers to call us by! Mine is Garden Gnome (I told them they could call me G.G.! LOL) S’s is Willow (one of the campers calls her Willow Smith LOL!) and D’s nickname is Junco.

When the campers came, there was 2 girls and 6 boys. First everyone started by getting to know each other better and Junco explained on what we were doing this week, the rules, etc…

After that was done, we went in an area of the forest and did the Animal Senses Earthwalk. We did the coyote smell by smelling (we first got sniffing potion (a wet sponge in tiny bottles)) and rubbed the liquid under our noses to give us a better sense of smell on anything we chose to smell. Then was the Hare sound; we cupped our ears for this one. And it’s suprising how when you cup your ears you can hear sound on the other side of the lake! We then did Junco Eyes; where you get a mirror and point it to the sky and then you can see both up and down! Then was the moose. We tasted spruce, fir, berries, and others. I found the berries tasty but I found the spruce and fir tasting terrible!

During lunch we watched a cartoon on how water travels and such. It was a 12 minute video.

After lunch we went fishing. It was pouring out! They said we were most likely to catch fish in rainy weather. My group first went out to go fishing. Willow’s group stayed inside first to make these sit-up-ons (made out of newspapers, bags, and duct tape). Anyhow, I made a BIG mistake to not bring a rain jacket! I didn’t mind it though…at first! I bet you’re wondering why I got so wet. Well, the rain obviously, I laid down in the (wet) grass, I accidentally put my feet into the water – oops! And two kids were chasing me around with worms and spiders (I was faking the fear of worms (and told them later) but definatley not with the spiders!) LOL! And when I took the door route for where our room was, it was raining and water was pouring from the roof and I went through that tiny waterfall. I had to go back and fourth three since one kid needed to get worms, one kid in our group wanted to go inside after a while, and to escort the other group to where we were fishing at when it was their turn.

Later on in the day there were two presentations for the guests and the campers were allowed to see it too. I couldn’t stay for the dragonfly presentation since I was still dripping wet (LOL!) so I went back into our room. Eventually, I was getting cold. I couldn’t stay for the animal feeding since it was cold down there! So I went back upstairs again.

After the presentation it was time to go home.

I had such a fun day today and I can’t wait to go back again tomorrow!

-Emma (Garden Gnome)

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