The Cabin

Hey blog world! Every summer me and my family go up to our cabin for a few weekends. It’s always fun. I’m at our cabin right now! And I’ve decided to make a blog post on this!

We first come up here on Friday afternoon. Then if the weather’s good we have a barbeque! I like eating hot dogs! They’re more tasty when they’re barbequed! Then sometimes we set up the tent that me and my dad camp in. My mom and grandparents are not really big fans of camping so they stay in the cabin.

On Saturday we’re out for most of the day. We’ll be out in the other small towns sightseeing and such then have lunch somewhere.

When we get back I put my feet into the lake next to our cabin or skip rocks in it! My dad and pop have taught me how to skip rocks! It’s fun!

Sometimes we’ll even have a bonfire if the weather cooperates. I especially love eating smores! Yum!

Then on Sunday we go back home.



One thought on “The Cabin

  1. I’m going to a cabin on Monday! It’s out in New Harbor. Mom and Dad rented it out for the week. I’ve never been there before. I’m excited to go and see what it’s like!

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