Special Items I Own

Hey blog world! This blog post is going to be on a bunch of my favorite things that I own!

* Vincent (the starfish) – I found Vincent on a beach when I was younger. The beach name had the name Vincent in it so mom suggested that I name the starfish Vincent! I still have Vincent the starfish kept away!

* Russian Doll – My dad gave this to me for me to keep. It’s a wooden doll and I still have it on my shelf in my bedroom!

* Jesus figure – I’ve had this 3-inch Jesus figure for a long time! I think my nan gave this to me long ago. It’s safe to know that God is watching over you.

* Nightlight (with my first name on it) – When I was younger, I had this night-light on in my room whenever I’d be sleeping. I’m still scared of the dark, but I don’t use the night light. I keep my door open just a crack every night. I still like keeping this knowing I used to have it!

* “Be Happy” Keychain – I got this keychain a few years ago in a Dollar Store. I really like it!

* Wooden Owl – I got this owl in a supermarket (not in the food section). I really liked it since owls are fascinating creatures! They are also the wisest!

* Time-Turner – I found this one in Shoppers one day. It’s a magical item from Harry Potter. This one’s not real though.

* Pig Keychain – I found this one in Chapters one time. The cool thing about it is, when you push a button on the pig, it snorts and turns on a blue flashlight!

* Dolphin – Mom gave this to me months ago. She said dolphins are usually good luck! And I really like it! I named the dolphin Aqua!

* Garden Gnome name tag – I was a junior counselor at a nature camp a few weeks ago and me, one other junior counselor, and the head counselor each had our own name tags (made out of wood)! Next to the name Garden Gnome I drew a mushroom and a pine tree! I’ll also use this again if I’m able to become a junior counselor again next summer.

* Garden Gnomes – I own two Garden gnomes. One is a very tiny one and he’s in long wooden box where the lettuce are growing (yes it’s outside). He is carrying a wheelbarrow with him! I named that one Sprout. I got another one in Toronto two weeks ago in a gift shop. He’s carrying a snail in his hands! I named that one T.O. (Thomas Oliver)! I’m planning to collect more gnomes too!

* Shu – Shu is a tiny (and cute) panda that I got at the Toronto zoo! After we looked at the giant pandas there was a Panda gift shop on the way out and one of the items I got was the tiny panda which I called Shu (named after one of the other panda bears)!

* Success Stone – I also got this one in the same gift shop I got my garden gnome T.O. (Thomas Oliver). This should be a good charm with my education!

* Golden Spoon – I found this in our utensil drawer. It was weird (and cool) that I found a golden one. I decided to keep it.

What are your favorite items that you own? Tell me in the comments!


Movie Day

Hey blog world. Today I went to see “Planes” with my friends L.B. and L.M. We were going to see “Despicable Me 2” but that was unfortunatley sold out. Then we tried to see “The Smurfs 2” but there was only one ticket remaining. So then we decided to see “Planes”. It didn’t start for another hour so we went to play a game in the arcade (Deal or No Deal). After we got our food before we went to see the movie, I kinda knew it was going to be boring right when I saw the beginning part of it. I give it a 4 out of 10. Apparently it was about this Crop Duster plane who participated in a world plane race. I barely payed attention since neither of us liked it. Plus there was some kid behind me who kept kicking the back of the seat I was sitting in! I found out that both of my friends didn’t like the movie as soon as we came out. So I wasn’t the only one. After that we played games in the arcade again. Then eventually it was time to go home. What movie did you not enjoy once you saw it? Tell me in the comments!

Toronto trip

Hey blog world! Just got back home from Toronto last night! I had a great trip! We arrived August 12th and departed August 19th.

August 12th (Day 1) – We got up at around 3ish to get to the airport and the plane took off at around 5. It wasn’t a peaceful journey though – some guy sitting in front of us was SNORING the whole way (which is why I fell asleep as soon as I got to the hotel)! And some lady next to him kept get frightened by his unexpected snores! LOL! Later on during the day (while we were finally in Toronto), we made an attempt to visit the CN Tower but mom forgot her wallet! Whoops! At least we got to see it up close!

August 13th (Day 2) – This day was the most funnest. Me and my parents went on a bus tour to Niagra Falls. The bus first stopped at a winery. Everyone on the bus was given wine testing but I refused because I’m too young. They offered me grape juice but I declined that one too! After there we went to Niagra on the lake. Everyone was given time to stop around stores there. I went to a few chocolate shops and I also got a garden gnome (for my collection) and a Niagra Falls magnet in a gift store. After that we finally made it to Niagra Falls! We went to the boat to Niagra Falls along with about 100 other people. It was fun feeling the water come at you!

August 14th (Day 3) – This day we went to Kensington Market and Chinatown. We first went through Chinatown and there was of course a lot of Asians around that area. Speaking of which – in Toronto we saw mostly Chinese people around! Then we went to Kensignton Market. There were so many different items in different markets there.

August 15th (Day 4) – This day we went to Casa Loma. It was so exquisite inside and it was such a big castle! There was audio recorders we could take and when you pressed a certain number it would tell you about the room you were in.

August 16th (Day 5) – Later on that night we saw the Wizard of Oz as a play! The theatre was fancy and it seemed like it was old too! Suprisingly they allowed popcorn and cookies and other foods in the theatre. I got myself popcorn and a cookie while watching the play. The play was an awesome production! I give it a 10 out of 10!

August 17th (Day 6) – That day we went to the Toronto Zoo. I took pictures with the camera of the animals! Some of them were blurry though because a few of the animals would not keep still. The first animal, which was some kind of monkey did really unbeliveably great poses (mom thought the type of monkey was a macaw (and realized it was a type of bird LOL!))! I got two pictures of it! The second animal – I don’t know which one but I’m pretty sure it was a rhino’s butt. He would not turn around! My favorite animals I’ve seen were definatley the zebras, giraffes, pandas, and flamingos! Halfway through we saw the camels and you could even ride on the camels! I got to ride a camel! It was fun! Along the way we saw the giant pandas and went into the panda gift shop. I got a mood colour necklace, a Toronto Zoo snow globe, and a tiny stuffed panda (which I named Shu!)!

August 18th (Day 7) – Nothing much happened that day. We were pretty much packing away to go home.

August 19th (Day 8) – We were in the airport all day. Our flight didn’t leave until 7:40 (Toronto time). I tried to fall asleep in the airport but couldn’t! Later on was our flight and while everyone was getting on some overweight lady’s butt was pushing mom out of the way (and now we understand why dad wanted the window seat!) afterwards one of the overweight lady’s boyfriends (so I’m guessing), spit in my face while talking! Gross! Along the flight some lady in front of us kept farting! After a while when it got dark out I looked from above and looked at the lit up areas we were flying over! It was wonderful! At around 12:30 we finally made it back home!

I had a great trip!


Nature Camp – Day 5

Hey blog world! Today was the last day of nature camp. Here’s what happened today!

First, the kids finished their masks to represent later on.

After that was the magic spot. I found a weird metal object laying on the ground. It wasn’t there yesterday. So I took it with me. Also, I didn’t have a peaceful 15 minutes. Some fly kept coming around me and I was swatting my hands into the air trying to shoo it away but that didn’t work. A guy nearby was laughing at the fact I was trying to swat the fly away! LOL!

Soon afterwards, it was time for the kids to represent their masks on what they were and what they do in the wildlife.

During lunch, we went over to the duck pond. Junco brought bird seed so we fed the ducks the bird seed. Something funny also happened there! I was opening my bag and I had to rip the velcro to open it. As soon as I ripped the velcro, the ducks started flapping their wings and went in the water! LOL! Everyone was laughing! Apparently that scared them! Oops! I had to open the velcro a second time and the ducks did the same thing again. This time everyone laughed harder including me! LOL!

After lunch, it was time to go swimming at a nearby aquatic centre. On the way, two weird things happened. I was in the back of the group (since I was the only junior counselor there again). First, some guy who was running was wearing short shorts! A few of the boys I was closer to including me turned to look at him and laughed. I was like “Those were girly shorts!” LOL! The second weird thing happened was when we were close to the stoplight, one kid happened to be near me. Some lady had wild berries in her hands and first asked the kid next to me “Want a berry?” and he was like “No but thanks anyway.”. Then the lady asked me if I wanted a berry. I was like “No thanks.” and then in my mind I was like “Stranger danger stranger danger stranger danger…” Me and him both made the smart move to not do it. When we got to the swimming place, I didn’t swim. I just waited outside and played a few games on my iPod to pass the time.

When we got back, the kids guided their parents around the science centre.

I had a great week being a junior counselor for the first time! Next year I’m gonna try the Discovery Camp (ages 5-8) and see how that one works out!

-Emma (Garden Gnome)

Nature Camp – Day 4

Hey blog world! Today was the fourth day. The only person missing today was Willow. So I was the only junior counselor there along with Junco (the head counselor).

In the morning, the kids were finishing up their masks.

After that, we went outside and went close to the fishing pond. We first played a game where you go in a circle are pass the sticks next to the other person next to you either crossed or uncrossed. It took me a while to figure this one out! Apparently you pass the sticks next to the person based on whether their legs are crossed or uncrossed while sitting down. After that, we played a game where one person hides and the rest have to find them. They hid pretty well! After that we played Fox and Hare. It’s when the person who’s the fox stays in one spot and the others (the hares) have to hide nearby without getting caught by the fox. If they do, they have to come out of their hiding spot. I got caught the first time after a couple of others. Second round I was second last to be caught, since I was hiding behind a big tree. The last round, I was the first one to get caught! I was hiding in the bushes, but then the last fox called out “Blue shorts and white sneakers!” and clearly that was me. Weirdest part was one kid was in front of me and didn’t get seen. Then when the fox caught two brothers, the oldest one he called Crackly McWhitefoot! LOL! Since he heard cracking and saw a white shoe from behind the tree and that was him. The youngest brother he caught was called Shoulder McRedshoulder! LOL! Since he saw his shoulder coming from behind the tree and the fact he was wearing a red shirt.

After all that, was the magic spot. I went back to my original spot, then dug holes for a bit. One kid nearby (same kid who tried to make a swingset a few days ago during magic spot) flicked over a few pieces of the fir tree (probably as a joke) and I tried to plant them in the tiny holes that I dug. Then he came over and told me a riddle. Your not supposed to talk during magic spot, but I didn’t care though since Junco wasn’t anywhere nearby. Then he saw a tree that fell down and tried to put it back up again! LOL!

During lunch, we happened to watch a few videos on what the cons were on bottled water. The awkward thing was, I was just drinking out of bottled water (I reuse it though).

After lunch, we were having a discussion on water.

After that, was the bug sweep. There’s two pairs in a team, and you try to get tiny insects and such from the water and try to identify them.

Later on afterwards, we went to the park and the kids played on the play equipment again.

Soon afterwards, it was time to go home.

-Emma (Garden Gnome)

Nature Camp – Day 3

Hey blog world! Today was the third day of nature camp! Barely anyone showed up today because of Regatta Day. Three people showed up in the morning.

At around 10:00 or so, we went on a hike to a garden centre! It involved lots of climbing uphill. We also saw a squirrel on a flight of stairs. When we reached the top, you could see the whole city! Wonderful view!

After our snack break, we got to the garden centre. A leader showed us around the trail and such. We looked at lots of trees, flowers, and more! Then when we got to the pond we were aloud to feed the ducks since it wasn’t that big of a crowd with us. We also learned something while were feeding the ducks. Male ducks have yellow beaks and female ducks have greyish-brown beaks. It was also funny to watch the ducks go under the water and pop back up again! Some of the ducks splashed so much that we almost got splashed! LOL! After that, we went into a greenhouse on the way back and there were lots of plants in there along with fruits. I almost freaked out since there was a lot of wasps in there. We also saw a rabbit (snowshoe hare) in the forest and we got quite a good view of the bunny! When we got back to the main centre, two of the kids were being picked up to go to the Regatta. Which left us with only one kid today! Then it was time to leave.

On the way back, we stopped for a lunch break at the top of the hill again. When we looked carefully, you could see the rowers rowing in one of the city’s lakes! When it was time to keep moving, we picked a few blueberries we saw on the side of the trail. They were tasty! There’s this one type of berry in the forest that is so blue it almost looks like a blueberry but it’s actually not. But it’s leaves are edible. I call those ones anti-blueberries! LOL! The rest of the hike was almost all downhill so it was all good!

When we got back, it was almost 1:30! I hung around for a while and so did the other junior counselor (Willow) while the one kid was finishing up his mask.

Then, it was time for the magic spit! We went out into the forest again. My smiley face me out of sticks was still there! I went to the same place as yesterday and today I wrote “Yo” out of tiny sticks!

After the magic spot, we went over to the lake and took sap from the tree and see what would happen when we flicked the sap filled stick into the water. It kinda looked like gas! It was cool!

We went back again and we fed the frogs and fish downstairs.

Eventually, it was time to go home.

-Emma (Garden Gnome)