Apps I recommend #2

Hey blog world! This blog post is going to be on more apps I’ve downloaded. If you haven’t seen the first one, here’s the link:

Temple Run : In this game you have to escape from the monkeys and to avoid running of the edge, bumping into stuff, and make sure the monkeys don’t eat you! Collecting coins will earn you more points!

Candy Crush Saga : In this game you switch around the candies and earn points to reach the goal. Match 3 candies to crush them. If you get four or five, it gives you more points when you finally crush it!

Snake: In this game you have to catch the dots to make the snake longer. Be sure not to bump into yourself or bump onto the edges.

Simple Brick: In this game you have to break all the bricks with the ball and make sure it does’t go past the thing that catches it (which is at the bottom).

Dumb Ways To Die : It’s based on the video for Dumb Ways To Die: This time you have to save the dumb characters from killing themselves in the most dumb ways.

True or False: In this game you answer if the question is true or false, and you go up a level if you get the amount of questions right without losing.


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