Don’t be this kind of person.

Hey blog world. Just thought I’d share this video with you people. L.M. shared it on her blog ( and I thought I’d do the same. It’s a video on what ignorant people say to people with Autism. Don’t be like them. EVER. Here’s the link:

Another thing that makes me angry is when people joke about mental disorders. For example: “My moods change, I’m bipolar.”, “Can’t focus on studying. ADHD!”, “The bad news is giving me autism.” LIKE SERIOUSLY! Shut up! It’s not funny! Saying stuff like that does NOT make you cool. It makes you a terrible person, loser, ignorant, AND idiotic.

Whatever you do, don’t be like the person in the video. Or make jokes out of it. It’s not funny. It’s not cool. So stop.



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