In the park

Hey blog world! Yesterday me and L.B. went to a park in our city (initials B.P.)! It was fun! We arrived there at 1:00 p.m. First we fed the ducks – or pigeons. A huge flock of pigeons (my nickname for them “Pigs” (short for pigeons)) came along so we could barely feed them to the ducks. And just like L.B. said, it was like we were the pigeon lady from Home Alone 2! LOL! After that we found a grassy place and played frisbee and catch for a while. After that we went to the playground (lots of kids there!) and went on the swings and see saw (thing that goes up and down). And attempted to climb the mokey bars (we are both scared of heights and couldn’t do it). We even tried the chimes that were in the playground which made music and sound. Then we played frisbee and catch again. Then we walked back to the pond to feed the rest of the seeds to the ducks. As we were waiting for L.B’s mom to arrive (which seemed like forever!), we played catch again. Then we went over to her house for a while. First we rode on the scooters then used chalk. We wrote on the pavement Laura + Emma = BFFS Forever and I wrote Yo Mama was here toda-ay. But I erased the second one LOL! Then we each had two mini pizzas when we got in. We sat on the deck for a while and I showed her Sexy Rolanda Style and I Knew You Were Trouble (Rolanda spoof) Then we made an attempt to go through the forest behind her house but it was blocked with tree branches and such. After that we were going to see Monsters University but it was sold out. Oh well. We played a few games in the arcade and then it was time to go home. Other than that, it was a fun day!



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