ABC challenge

ABC challenge
a; available? Yes
b; birthday? August 11th, 1998
c; crushing on anyone? Yes.
d; done anything illegal? No
e; easily scared? Sometimes, yes.
f; favourite song? Heart Attack – Demi Lovato
g; grade you hated most? 6.
h; height? 5’5
I; in love with? Nobody yet. Only 14.
… j; jealous of? No one.
k; killed someone? No
l; longest relationship? Never had one. Not ready for one yet.
m; mistake you almost made? Almost dropped my phone in the toilet… 
n; number of siblings? 1 (half sister in Russia)
o; one wish? To be smarter.
p; person you last called? My mom
q; question you’re always asked? “How do you pronounce your last name?”
r; reason to smile? Family and friends
s; Song you last sang? I Love It – Icona Pop
t; time you woke up? 7:15
u; use a porta-potty? Ew! No!
v; very best friend? I got two very close ones…ugh can’t choose!  
w; worst habit? Biting my nails
x; X-ray you last had? Can’t remember – it’s been so long ago!
y; your favorite band and singer? Band: Coldplay, Singer: Kesha
z; zodiac sign? Leo

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