Stupidest things I’ve done

Hey blog world! This blog post is going to be on the stupidest things I’ve done (and a few of them are quite funny)!

  • In Florida, I dialed 911. I was 10. Little did I realize they could trace the call. They came to the hotel we stayed at. I had to admit that I was the one who did it! Luckily they wern’t mad about it!
  • Liking Justine stupid Beaver and One Infection. Now I think they’re music SUCKS! I’ve stopped liking JB since I was 12 and stopped liking 1D many months ago (after they became famous) so it’s all good now!
  • Many weeks ago me and L.B. saw The Croods in theatres and we both had to use the bathroom after the movie. I knocked on the stall for her to hurry up, and I realized I was knocking on a stall with nobody in it!
  • Today was our math exam. I had a laughing fit which lasted for about minute. I was covering my mouth trying to stop myself (I’m hoping nobody heard me). If you looked closely (which I’m hopping no one had seen!), you could probably see me shaking. And I had to pinch myself too.
  • Last year in grade 8 I meant to write on the whiteboard “Mme. McGrath eats pants” (she was my mean teacher in grade 1) but instead I wrote “Emma eats pants”! LOL!
  • The cinammon challenge. It’s was a popular challenge last year. Also the grossest experience ever. I put cinammon in my mouth, and it got spicy and when I spat it all out, it looked like a sandstorm!
  • When our class did the harlem shake a couple months ago, one person in my class was doing the solo, and I just remembered something funny and it made it look like I was laughing at him (you have to pretend not to notice while the person is doing their solo).
  • I could have sworn in social studies I’ve seen a guy out the window running across the school field carrying a purse, wearing a skirt, AND wearing a blue afro! Not kidding. But then it came to the part when I thought I saw someone dressed up like Dora the explorer in Costco (a giant supermarket-like store). That time it was my imagination.

What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? Tell me in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Stupidest things I’ve done

  1. Trying to walk through a glass window! I was at the Clovelly Golf Course for a Special Olympics event and there was this big glass window there. It was so clean I thought it was just a doorway outside. I banged right into it and got a bruise on my knee!

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