If ugly were beautiful…

Hey blog world! Last week I did an in-class assignment in language arts about if ugly were beautiful. I did well! I got an 83% in it! I thought I’d share it!

If ugly were beautiful, everyone would get accepted on how they look. Everyone is beautiful in their own special ways. Especially those who are disabled – unique and attractive in their own ways. Adalia Rose for example, was born with a very rare deformity. And she continues to live her life happily and proudly – just like every other human being.

One thing that would not make you attractive looking is making insults towards others on how they look. In other words, verbal bullying. The insulted would eventually fear the insulter, which would not make the insulter attractive looking themselves. For example, on a social networking website, a girl posted a photo of her next to a horse. One of the comments were “Which one is the horse?”. Which meant that one commenter could be seen as making a fool of himself and the one who is not so attractive looking. In fact, those who insult others are either jealous, have nothing else better to do, or are unhappy with themselves.

No matter if you’re black, white, gay, disabled, etc. – everyone is beautiful.


One thought on “If ugly were beautiful…

  1. That was amazing! Beautiful job Emma! I had to do the same assignment when I was in grade 8! I wrote a short story! I can’t remember how well I did but a lot of people liked it.

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