The Grumpy Cat

Hey blog world! Thought I’d dedicate this post to…The Grumpy Cat (aka Tarder Sauce) !

Recently The Grumpy Cat has been getting popular over the internet for her grumpy facial expression. Yes, her. I was suprised to find out that Tarder Sauce was a girl! The Grumpy Cat is also famous for her insulting memes and images.

A funny thing I do when I see something I don’t like I give the Grumpy Cat glower until it’s out of my sight! LOL!


The Marvellous Breadfish

Hey blog world…this is going to be a weird blog post!

Recently on YouTube, one of the ads was an ad for Google Chrome and I found it weird looking at a bunch of fish covered in bread (aka breadfish) swimming in the ocean water! LOL! At first it sounded like “Have you seen the MOTHERLESS breadfish swimming in the ocean waters”! Then I found out it was MARVELOUS, not motherless. I decided to look at the actual video because Google was haunting me about it (You happy now, Google?)! LOL! The song is a repeated chorus. Here are the lyrics!

Tell me have you seen the Marvellous Breadfish
Swimming in the ocean waters
Have you seen the Marvellous Breadfish
He’s like an inverse sandwich
For fishermen and sharks

Here’s the video:

I’m pretty sure the marvelous breadfish are going to appear in my dreams tonight! LOL!


Songs I like to sing

Hey blog world! This blog post is going to be on songs I like to sing! As I was waiting in a parking lot yesterday in the car I sang to pass the time! Which gave me an idea to write this blog post! Here goes!

Tik Tok – Ke$ha

Carry On – Fun

Some Nights – Fun

Heart Attack – Demi Lovato

Set Fire To The Rain – Adele

Rolling In The Deep – Adele

Mr. Mom – Lonestar

Lady In Red – Chris De Burgh

And more!

What are your favorite songs to sing? Tell me in the comments!

Junior High memories

Hey blog world! Thursday is the last day of junior high. I had a great 3 years there! A lot of funny and weird stuff happened there too! LOL! Thought I’d share some memories (even the funny/weird ones)!

Grade 7:

  • Having our own pet worms in science! I named mine Squiggly, Squirmy, and Snake!
  • Noticing a person dressed up as a skeleton (Halloween) at the door when we came in from the back door (outside day) banging on the door real hard with their fists! I found that pretty weird! LOL!
  • Square-dancing in music!
  • Tap dancing in health! My teacher (who was also our homeroom teacher at the time), was actually pretty good at tap dancing!
  • Playing ping-pong one time during lunch. It was fun!
  • Seeing “Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows Part 1” in theatres. The whole school went.
  • Hearing a rumour of a ghost haunting our school. It’s not true though.
  • During the Christmas concert (2010) when it came to the song “Your a Mean One Mr. Grinch” two guys, one dressed up as a dog, and another dressed up as the Grinch, came in and the guy dressed up as the Grinch was chasing around the guy dressed up as a dog! LOL!
  • Taking a tour around certain parts of our city on a field trip.

Grade 8:

  • Window yelling. I would pretty much yell the same thing “HEY DUDES! YOU GOT A VARIETY OF LIPSTICKS?!” and hide! LOL!
  • Field trip to a small town out in the bay. We got to view what housing and artifacts and such were like back in the dark ages! Creepiest part was when we came across an old well and the tour guide said that someone fell in long ago and drowned! At the end we were “Walking on history”.
  • The buzzing water fountain. Every time someone finished taking a sip, it would a few seconds later make a buzzing sound! Which sounded like a bee!
  • Hearing a mooing sound coming from the pipe in home ec! LOL!
  • Seeing “Mission Impossible” in theatres. It was quite boring. Again, the whole school went.
  • Acting out an interview for the characters after reading the book “The Wreckers” by Iain Lawrence. Our language teacher even video taped it! When they showed the tapes (we weren’t the only ones doing it), when it came to ours, in the beginning you could hear me sneezing super loudly in the background and another person in our group’s butt was showing! LOL to both of that!
  • Dancing in gym! Me and L.B. were in our own little group and we did Say It Right by Nelly Furtado!
  • Sticking strange notes on my seat before leaving for my next class! At the end of the year I would find them all crumpled up in the desk (when we were cleaning out desks).

Grade 9:

  • When our class did the Harlem Shake. It was fun!
  • Calling L.B.’s lunchbag a purse! It looked like one! LOL! One of her friends, A, gave me the idea “Lunch purse”! LOL!
  • Making a “Justine Beaver is a girl” slideshow for the heck of it! A few of my favorite photos I put on it were these two: this  , and this ! LOL!
  • Dancing in gym class! First the whole class was taught a dance to the MUSIC of Thrift Shop by Macklemore, then we got in our own groups. Our group did Safety Dance by Men Without Hats!
  • Having a laugh attack that lasted for the whole lunch one time!
  • Grade 9 carnival!
  • Going to Rotary Park! We did all kinds of fun stuff; canoeing, archery, scavenger hunt, and more!
  • Seeing “The Hobbit” in theatres! Again, the whole school went.
  • Discovering Rolanda. One time I drew a person (and it included a mole), and C (a person I know), is like “It’s Rolanda!”. I didn’t know what he was talking about. Then he said to search up Sexy Rolanda Style and said that Rolanda was real. And he was right!

What memories do you have from junior high? Tell me in the comments!

ABC challenge

ABC challenge
a; available? Yes
b; birthday? August 11th, 1998
c; crushing on anyone? Yes.
d; done anything illegal? No
e; easily scared? Sometimes, yes.
f; favourite song? Heart Attack – Demi Lovato
g; grade you hated most? 6.
h; height? 5’5
I; in love with? Nobody yet. Only 14.
… j; jealous of? No one.
k; killed someone? No
l; longest relationship? Never had one. Not ready for one yet.
m; mistake you almost made? Almost dropped my phone in the toilet… 
n; number of siblings? 1 (half sister in Russia)
o; one wish? To be smarter.
p; person you last called? My mom
q; question you’re always asked? “How do you pronounce your last name?”
r; reason to smile? Family and friends
s; Song you last sang? I Love It – Icona Pop
t; time you woke up? 7:15
u; use a porta-potty? Ew! No!
v; very best friend? I got two very close ones…ugh can’t choose!  
w; worst habit? Biting my nails
x; X-ray you last had? Can’t remember – it’s been so long ago!
y; your favorite band and singer? Band: Coldplay, Singer: Kesha
z; zodiac sign? Leo

Stupidest things I’ve done

Hey blog world! This blog post is going to be on the stupidest things I’ve done (and a few of them are quite funny)!

  • In Florida, I dialed 911. I was 10. Little did I realize they could trace the call. They came to the hotel we stayed at. I had to admit that I was the one who did it! Luckily they wern’t mad about it!
  • Liking Justine stupid Beaver and One Infection. Now I think they’re music SUCKS! I’ve stopped liking JB since I was 12 and stopped liking 1D many months ago (after they became famous) so it’s all good now!
  • Many weeks ago me and L.B. saw The Croods in theatres and we both had to use the bathroom after the movie. I knocked on the stall for her to hurry up, and I realized I was knocking on a stall with nobody in it!
  • Today was our math exam. I had a laughing fit which lasted for about minute. I was covering my mouth trying to stop myself (I’m hoping nobody heard me). If you looked closely (which I’m hopping no one had seen!), you could probably see me shaking. And I had to pinch myself too.
  • Last year in grade 8 I meant to write on the whiteboard “Mme. McGrath eats pants” (she was my mean teacher in grade 1) but instead I wrote “Emma eats pants”! LOL!
  • The cinammon challenge. It’s was a popular challenge last year. Also the grossest experience ever. I put cinammon in my mouth, and it got spicy and when I spat it all out, it looked like a sandstorm!
  • When our class did the harlem shake a couple months ago, one person in my class was doing the solo, and I just remembered something funny and it made it look like I was laughing at him (you have to pretend not to notice while the person is doing their solo).
  • I could have sworn in social studies I’ve seen a guy out the window running across the school field carrying a purse, wearing a skirt, AND wearing a blue afro! Not kidding. But then it came to the part when I thought I saw someone dressed up like Dora the explorer in Costco (a giant supermarket-like store). That time it was my imagination.

What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? Tell me in the comments!

Weird songs on my ipod

Hey blog world! This blog post is going to be on the weirdest (yet catchy) songs on my iPod!

Another One Rides The Bus – Weird Al Yankovic (Another One Bites the Dust parody)

Baby Doll  – thecomputernerd01 (Baby parody)

Dumb Ways To Die

The Duck Song

Eat It – Weird Al Yankovic (Beat It parody)

F.U.N. Song – Spongebob (ft. Plankton)

The Hampster Dance Song – Hampton the Hampster

It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls

Mr. Mom – Lonestar

Sexy Rolanda Style – hoiitsroi (Gangnam Style parody)

What are the weirdest songs on your ipod? Tell me in the comments!