Music recital

Hey blog world! Today I had a music recital and it took place in the music section in one of the colleges in our town. I played Fur Elise by Ludwig Van Beethoven on the piano! Some parts I didn’t even need to look at the sheet! I was the 4th one to perform! Here’s some of the acts (that I can remember of): One of them before me played the drums to a rock song and it was pretty loud. I didn’t need to cover my ears for it though. One girl sang Mr. Mom by Lonestar! One girl sang Stay by Rihanna and no offense but it was not that great; if you looked at her mouth it looked like she was chewing gum and when it came to the chorus it sounded like gurgling. A guy played Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars on the piano. And I forget what songs the others did! LOL! After everyone performed we all got a group photo. I did a good job and so did everyone else!



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