Hey blog world! This is gonna be a bit of a weird post!

Rolanda (played by Roi Wassabi) is this weird and funny person on Youtube (from the YouTube channel hoiitsroi) ! Most of what Rolanda does is song spoofs. And they’re about one story – Rolanda is in love with Alex  (played by Alex Wassabi) but Alex doesn’t like Rolanda back because he finds her unattractive and stalker-like. Richard  (played by Alex Wassabi) likes Rolanda but Rolanda doesn’t like him back because she’s already got her eyes on another guy (Alex) and finds him annoying and a creeper.

Here are a couple of my favorite videos that they did:

Call Me Maybe parody

Gangnam Style parody

I Knew You Were Trouble parody

Thrift Shop parody

We Are Never Getting Back Together parody

Make up with Rolanda (not a song parody)

Rolando The Explorer (not Rolanda related) there’s also a 2nd sequel to this

The videos that Roi and Alex do are quite funny (and weird)!


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