The Croods

Hey blog world! This blog post is going to be on yet another movie review! Me and my friend L.B. went to see The Croods today!

Eep (played by Emma Stone) and her family live in caves in order to survive (especially from wild beasts). One night, she gets woken up by light. Against her overprotective father’s wishes, she heads outside to follow the light. She ends up finding fire on a torch. When Eep turns around, she is startled to find out that what she thinks is a mammoth behind her. She picks up a heavy rock to defend herself. Then the person reveals himself. His name is Guy (along with his sidekick monkey, Belt) and claimed that the world was coming to an end. After Eep’s family’s home gets destroyed they jump off a cliff after getting chased down by another wild beast. When they land they find themselves in a whole different world. More scenic than the rocks and caves that they lived around. And they’re on a whole different adventure. They begin chasing the sun to find “tomorrow”.

I thought the movie was great! I give it an 8/10! My favorite character is definitely Belt ! He’s so cute and funny!

Here’s the trailer by the way:

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