Furry Vengeance

Hey blog world! This blog post is going to be on a movie review of Furry Vengeance ! I just watched it a couple hours ago on Netflix (www.netflix.com)!

After Dan Sanders (played by Brendan Fraser) moves in with his family to Rocky Streams, the wild animals are after him because of him disrespecting the environment. “Don’t litter? Whatever.” he says and flicks his cigar out the car window. A racoon talks in racoon talk to the mink to get revenge on him! The mischevious animals manage to flick a big rock down the hill to smash his car. But that’s not all. Then Dan is known to his buisness as the “Tree Killer”. So then the racoon (who is the master mind behind their tricks), the mink, and a bunch of skunks begin their planning (with the help of a giant bird, and bunch of crows and a bear)! After crows pecking on the window at night, skunks farting in the car, driving his car away, his clothes being taken, and more – he begins to sometimes even have (funny) nightmares about the animals! He tells his family about everything and they don’t believe him and thinks he needs therapy.

Here’s the trailer by the way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9vRrYrgjAk

From my point of view, it’s a great movie! I definatley recommend it if you love animals!


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