My fears

Hey blog world! This blog post will be a list of my fears.

  • Spiders. I think they’re very scary (especially the big ones). And if I see a spider in the house, I will get either mom or dad to get it!
  • Clowns. How they look is scary. Especially the evil clowns.
  • The dark. You can’t see a thing. And I don’t want bloody mary to get me.
  • Small spaces. This is a big problem in school. A lot of people are in the hallways and you can barely move (especially with 8th graders thinking they own the hallways when they actually don’t).
  • Death. I don’t want to die!

What do you fear? Tell me in the comments!


Music recital

Hey blog world! Today I had a music recital and it took place in the music section in one of the colleges in our town. I played Fur Elise by Ludwig Van Beethoven on the piano! Some parts I didn’t even need to look at the sheet! I was the 4th one to perform! Here’s some of the acts (that I can remember of): One of them before me played the drums to a rock song and it was pretty loud. I didn’t need to cover my ears for it though. One girl sang Mr. Mom by Lonestar! One girl sang Stay by Rihanna and no offense but it was not that great; if you looked at her mouth it looked like she was chewing gum and when it came to the chorus it sounded like gurgling. A guy played Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars on the piano. And I forget what songs the others did! LOL! After everyone performed we all got a group photo. I did a good job and so did everyone else!


Grade 9 carnival

Hey blog world! Last night was fun! Our school had a carnival for the Grade 9’s (I’m in grade 9 so I went)!

First of all my friend L.B. wanted to get her face painted but I didn’t so I just waited in the hallway. She got a bunny on her right cheek! Then we went downstairs and played Just Dance on the Wii. I picked the song Baby One More Time – Britney Spears and L.B. picked the song Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO! Then we went upstairs to the gym and bounced around in the bouncy castle! Then L.B. wanted to do karoke. I picked the song Part Of Me – Katy Perry and L.B. picked the song What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction! After that we got a couple snacks in the Home Ec room – which was popcorn and smoothies! I layed mine down on the table in the cafeteria and I eventually caught someone taking a sip out of mine! So I got another one after. Then we went in the cafeteria where there was other games. We played snakes and ladders and not just a board game – but you could actually move around the mat after you rolled the dice! L.B. won! Then we waited in the long line-up for the fortune teller. After the fortune teller was the awards. I had to go home right in the middle of it so I’m not sure if I won anything or not.

Have you ever went to a school carnival? Tell me in the comments!

May 24th weekend

Hey blog world! This is a long weekend for us! On Monday everyone gets a day off on Monday because of May 24th weekend (Victoria Day)! Most people would go camping but we didn’t. So far this weekend has been great! On Friday during supper me and my mom and dad went to East Side Mario’s! Then after supper we went looking for seeds (I plan on planting my own garden with the others in our backyard). Yesterday we first went to Starbucks in the morning then we went to a dog show at our city’s curling stadium! Later on yesterday we went for a walk (yes in the fog!) and drove around town. And today I’ll be going to Thomas Amusements (in the other town) with my friends L.M. and L.B.! Can’t wait!

What did you do for May 24th weekend? Tell me in the comments!

Please whatever your name is

Hey blog world! The Janeway is having a telethon very soon! The Janeway is a hospital in our city. Their telethon got Johnny Harris Johnny (a comedian) to go to a school and get the kids to help write a song about the telethon! When Johnny asked the kids how to donate he suggested robbing a bank! I’m pretty sure he was joking though! LOL! In the song after the part “I could make masala chai tea or rob a bank” they all shout “NO! WE’RE NOT ROBBING A BANK!” LOL!

Here’s the song by the way! Hope you like it!

The dates of the telethon are on June 1st and June 2nd! And be sure to donate money (if you can) but don’t rob a bank to get the money! LOL!


Hey blog world! This is gonna be a bit of a weird post!

Rolanda (played by Roi Wassabi) is this weird and funny person on Youtube (from the YouTube channel hoiitsroi) ! Most of what Rolanda does is song spoofs. And they’re about one story – Rolanda is in love with Alex  (played by Alex Wassabi) but Alex doesn’t like Rolanda back because he finds her unattractive and stalker-like. Richard  (played by Alex Wassabi) likes Rolanda but Rolanda doesn’t like him back because she’s already got her eyes on another guy (Alex) and finds him annoying and a creeper.

Here are a couple of my favorite videos that they did:

Call Me Maybe parody

Gangnam Style parody

I Knew You Were Trouble parody

Thrift Shop parody

We Are Never Getting Back Together parody

Make up with Rolanda (not a song parody)

Rolando The Explorer (not Rolanda related) there’s also a 2nd sequel to this

The videos that Roi and Alex do are quite funny (and weird)!

The Croods

Hey blog world! This blog post is going to be on yet another movie review! Me and my friend L.B. went to see The Croods today!

Eep (played by Emma Stone) and her family live in caves in order to survive (especially from wild beasts). One night, she gets woken up by light. Against her overprotective father’s wishes, she heads outside to follow the light. She ends up finding fire on a torch. When Eep turns around, she is startled to find out that what she thinks is a mammoth behind her. She picks up a heavy rock to defend herself. Then the person reveals himself. His name is Guy (along with his sidekick monkey, Belt) and claimed that the world was coming to an end. After Eep’s family’s home gets destroyed they jump off a cliff after getting chased down by another wild beast. When they land they find themselves in a whole different world. More scenic than the rocks and caves that they lived around. And they’re on a whole different adventure. They begin chasing the sun to find “tomorrow”.

I thought the movie was great! I give it an 8/10! My favorite character is definitely Belt ! He’s so cute and funny!

Here’s the trailer by the way: