Embarrassing moments

Hey blog world! This blog post is going to be on my embarrassing moments! LOL!

  • This one happened in Florida 4 years ago (I was 10): When we were at the hotel we were staying in, I happened to be fooling around with the buttons on the phone. Not knowing that the police could trace the location, I dialed 911 and then hung up. About 5 minutes later, my nan came in and asked if I called 911. I got scared and hid in the closet! At some point I had to come out and explain to the police about my mix-up!
  • This one happened last summer (2012): Me and my mom went to a lake that people swim in (during the summer) with her friend, B and B’s peoples. I couldn’t swim (because I had a bad back) so I stood there with my feet in the water. When I was in the water there was K (B’s neice), C (J (B’s son)’s friend), and Z (J’s brother). We were splashing around for a while and then I move around a little then trip up on a rock in the water. I was wearing my clothes and it all got wet. Then a bee started going around me. I started freaking out and tried splashing it but that just made the bee angrier. Then I started screaming and ran out of the lake. Getting all my clothes wet, AND fleeing from a bee. On my way (or should I say run) back to our sitting spot, some kid and his dad started laughing at me. Not only that, but I was being stared at by 40% of the people there.
  • This one happened in February (when I had the flu): During school my nose was stuffed so I went to the bathroom to blow my nose. Before I started blowing my nose, I looked under the stalls to make sure there was no feet. None. Great! Now NOBODY will hear me. I thought. Wrong. When I was finished blowing my nose I walked out and apparently when I walked by two classrooms I heard hysterical laughter coming from both classrooms. So they apparently heard me. Didn’t know I was that loud.

What is your embarrassing moment(s)? Tell me in the comments!


One thought on “Embarrassing moments

  1. I tried saying congratulations to a deaf person in Clarenville last month! I was bowling against her and she bowled a really good turn so I went over and said congratulations. She pointed to her ear and said “Deaf”. I don’t think she took any offense but I was embarassed!

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