Apps I recommend

Hey blog world! On iPod Touch’s or iPhones, there’s this thing called the app store. Here’s a couple apps I enjoy playing!

Fruit Ninja  In this game you slice the fruits and you earn points every time you do. Catch the starfruit and the rare fruit (dragonfruit (I think)) and you get extra points! Also look out for the cranberry (I think that’s what it is) and slice it as many times as you can before the 5 seconds end! Don’t let any of the fruits drop though. There’s three strikes and if you drop three, the game is over. The game is over also if you touch the bombs. DON’T TOUCH THEM. The bombs don’t give you three chances.

Plants vs. Zombies  In this game you collect sun from the sky, sunflowers, and sunrooms (sunny mushrooms) to earn the points to your plants (to use them) to keep the zombies from coming to your house. Note: Zombies will eat anything in the garden. Even you (if they reach your house then the game is over). More powerful zombies appear every time you go up a level. If a huge flock of zombies start coming, I suggest using the cherry bomb.

Go Go Googles  The official game came from Webkinz World. In this game you move the Googles around and if you want to switch them up, tap on them. Make sure the buzzerflies (butterlies) don’t land on the willow tree’s nose. If five of them get on him, the willow tree will sneeze and that means game over! Catch the flowers for points. Catch the goo berries that spell out GOOGLES. Get all the goo berries for what it spells out and you will get more points and also knock out the buzzerflies that are on it or are just approaching it.

There’s also another app and it’s called Word Search (can’t find the right picture for this game). In this game you just find the words and swipe it when you see one.

Bejeweled (Blitz)  In this game you swipe the jewels to make it three or possibly four in vertical or diagonal. You got one minute to get as many points as you can.

Pacman  In this game you move Pacman around collecting all the tic tacs (LOL!) for points! But watch out for the ghosts! If they get you 3 times it’s game over! If you manage to survive long enough without getting caught by a ghost, you get an extra life!

What are your favorite apps? Tell me in the comments!


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