April Fool’s

Hey blog world! Yesterday was April Fool’s Day! I’m sure the queen of trolling (trolling is another word for pranking or tricking – according to troll face ) when it comes to pranks (trololo)! Here’s a couple of pranks I did:

  • Switch the clocks around in the morning thinking my family woke up late.
  • Putting water on my hand and pretending to sneeze!
  • I found this one the funniest – I asked my grandparents to distract my mom by asking her for “an important meeting” upstairs. Then, I put pictures of pigs in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, doors, pretty much everywhere downstairs! When my mom came back down she was like “Pigs? Pigs?! What are all the pigs doing here?” and started laughing! The pictures of the pigs are still there where I put them! LOL!

And I think someone pulled a prank on my pop. We went to a reunion in the late morning and some people put their shoes in the porch. When me, mom, nan, and pop (dad couldn’t go because he was at work in the sea) finally came back home, my uncle called my mom and said that pop took the wrong shoes!

What pranks did you pull on April Fool’s Day? Tell me in the comments!

One thought on “April Fool’s

  1. I didn’t pull any. Neither did my family but a British family who lived a few rooms down from us in our hotel did. April fools day was the first day they came down to the buffet breakfast the hotel provides every morning so the Father told his wife that there was a problem with the breakfast. He said that people were coming in off the street just to get something to eat and that they had to show their passports to prove that they were staying at the hotel. She went crazy trying to look for it! Also my Sister told me that she was going to wake up and tell her fiance (the guy she was engaged to marry) she was pregnant! She forgot to but I bet it would have been hillarious!

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